Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first driving 1st July

Tomorrow will be my first driving practical lesson, nervous but excited at the same time.. Its only like 8 hours away, hope i can learn as much as i can tomorrow and soon be out driving on the road instead of doing it in the circuit.. Over here, learning driving is costly, range from $70+ to 80+ depending on the peak or off peak hours, per lesson is 2 hours.
Very curious about you girls out there, do you actually have to go for practical lesson? And go through the theory papers? Leave your comments about the driving procedure in order to get your license, so that i can learn more from you too..
For those who are already driving, congrats to you!! For those who is learning, lets buck up together and for those who yet to pick up this skill join in now... Oh whoever knows drifting, teach me one day yah!! hahaha...wish me luck for tomorrow. Good night.


Remember my post about mango? Its ripe and i keep them inside my stomach, slurp... Its so sweet..and my hubby make design in cutting them into cubes.

Review of my new love

This is my new love love shampoo and "she" is the main reason why i keep my Tsubaki back into my cupboard. Essential damage care is her name. U can read more on THIS PRODUCT. First she has a soft fruity smell claims that you can even smell it when u swing or flip your hair (bonus to those who is beside you), 2ndly because it claims to treat damage hair, 3rdly it is not too rich that develop oily scalp after few hours of wash.. I love this and will definitely try its condition too. Who doesn't love the sweet pink bottle, right? Grab yours today dears!! Definitely something worth trying!

Product Description:

Protein and moisture gives dry, brittle, color treated or damaged hair new life. Honey, hydrolyzed conchiolin and royal jelly extract provide nourishing proteins that penetrate hair follicles. Light aroma with a sweet note.

Wild rose essence provides moisture, with a fruity flower note. Strengthens hair follicles and prevents split ends with regular use.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Momo 1st birthday

(mummy prepare a picnic basket for me)
(Its my celebration today)
(Dog event)
(i know so many friends here)
(My new friend)
(Nice poodle and jack rusell)
(Goodie bag)
(My first birthday cake)(Is my birthday cake nice?)
(See i am smiling)(I am making a wish)(I feel so full eating my birthday cake)(My pinata and me)
(Daddy,mummy and me)
(I am so tired after playing with new friends)
(My birthday venue, west coast park, i'm the birthday boy)
(My mummy give me a hug)

Its my son first birthday and i hope he is happy therefore instead of celebrating for him at home, we brought him to west coast park where there is a dog event, he had fun there, getting to know other dogs. I bought him freshly bake biscuits, muffins and elcairs but he got no appetite because he is having fun watching other dogs.. wish Mimi was there with us that day... anyway we had a fun day.


White dress: FCUK
Sandals: Birkenstock
Choker: Own handmade piece
Ring: Own handmade piece
Bag: Coach

With the highest score of 10, how do i fair ?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first contest !! A summer look

(My planned outfit for summer look)
(The whole suit from head to bottom)
(What i used for today's look)
(My done up makeup)(Do i look radiant? see the bright sun?)(Yeh! do i look cheerful ?)(My finished look)
(My handmade necklace to match the outfit)
(My new sandals)

I go for a bright look without too much makeup, i use a silvery white eyeliner to dot it near the tear duct and using the pale yellow eye shadow to brighten the eye. A dash of blusher from can make...tada the look is complete

** My 2 inspirations **

These above are my inspiration for a summer look. Momo's birthday cake and a big breakfast.. Must be wonder why i use this 3 items, because Yellow represent warm, cheerful, jovial, sunny, bright, radiant, sun and summer. I guess i have achieved all the above by looking cheerful, jovial, radiant under the bright warm sun, last but not least my name SUMMER!!

Theres a Quote:
“There are many painters who can make the sun become a spot of yellow paint, but only an artist can make a spot of yellow paint become the sun.” –Hans Hoffman*

Join in the fun with me in SASSY JADORE SUMMER LOOK CONTEST, end this 30th June.. QUICK before its too late!!

Mimi found her owner this morning

(In the car with momo going to my parent's place)
(3 of them are having fun, the shitz shu belongs to my mum, his name is toby)

(They love following each other)

Mimi first outing with us yesterday to my parent's place, she had fun with us but seems like she is tearing on and off most of the time, i guess she just miss home, her eyes are red from the crying, i feel so sad for her.. so when we came home, i talk to her before i get ready to bed, i said this to her "Mimi don't worry, we will help you find back your owner, for the time being you will stay with us, and no matter what we will love you and treat you like our baby, so don't cry ok? Be a good girl and go sleep' and i kiss her on her nose and gave her a big tight hug.

I guess her prayer has been heard, because this morning, her owner finally came (the lady who found mimi loitering at the void deck before giving it to us, brought the owner to our house, she says that these both guys has been searching for her at 2am yesterday) my hubby quickly wake me up and say " wake up dear, Mimi owner came to fetch Mimi home. I quickly rush out of bed and bid her goodbye, she seems so happy with her owner, i felt happy and at the same time sad, sad for she is leaving us but happy that her wish come true.

And of course my plan of bringing her to celebrate Momo's birthday has vanished. I even planned what to wear for her and bought double share of their snacks for the event today, too bad she can't go with us now. But i believe she will be happier getting back to her owner (at least she is not being abandon). Mimi if u can hear me now,i just wanna say " Be a good girl next time, don't ever run off again, temporary mummy here want you to be happy for the rest of your life.*muacks*..u are such a sweet heart to me these 2 days and i will always remember you for entering my life even though its for 2 short days! Lots of hugs and kisses from temporary mummy and daddy here"

Her real name: Shelby
Age :4 or 5 years old
How she got lost : The leash broke and she ran off

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poor dog!

My hubby found this dog at our void deck while bringing MOMO for his evening stroll. Seems like she lost her way or might be abandon by her owner. We decided to bring her home with us. But we face some difficulty. Due to anxiety, she doesn't allow us to leash her or carry her, guess its just normal for them to protect themselves. after a bit of conning.she finally came home with us.We gave her some treats, gave her some water and she drank a lot. After a while of calming her down and she felt more relax and sleep soundly, tomorrow I'm giving her a good bath so that she might feel better. she just had her grooming done coz her hair is nicely trim and her ears are super clean.
Will be searching for her owner through flyers or internet, hope to get in touch with them soon, they might be worried for her too, since i do not know her name i decided to call her MIMI for the time being and yes she hate camera, the moment i try to take her photos she turn away from me, so cute, think she is camera shy just like Momo.. Hope she will feel better tomorrow. Seeing her is exactly like seeing mirror image of Momo

Friday, June 26, 2009

Do u like it?

Have u ever eaten durians before,the king of fruits? I know most of the people can't accept the smell and taste of it including myself, some say they taste like smelly foot, some say rotten stuff, some love it so much that they queue up to in order to buy it, i guess its just personal preference. Hahaha....


(oopps i drop both my eyeballs)
(How did the eyeball end up in our mouth?)
(Drop out again)
(i can see u pretty clearly now)

My funny photos reminds me of these, the day my family went out to celebrate my birthday.we play with our fruits "LONGAN"...Sorry for being so disgusting!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awww...Miss my LONDON trip

(My shopping spree when i went out with my friend)
(I bought these cute stuff shopping alone)
(This is good stuff, cheap and good)
(Same design but different colour,the cap has blings on it)
(Shopping spree in H&M)
(Let me justify the problem)
(Waiting for my flight home all my myself)
(ooppss cam whoring with everything there)
(How i wish my face is as beautiful as her,sigh)
(trying to open the gate!!)
(Can someone pay for me pls?)
(Poor pony)
(i like these bears,make me look real small with them)
(So nice at night)
(Tower bridge)
(Bring it straight up,think its falling)

(I am one true nurse)
(I wanna bring this back to Singapore)

I love love love London, miss it even more when i am browsing through this London album, there are tons and tons of photos that i wanna share with your guys but can't due to the limited storage space, some of the photos are left in my parents place,gonna retreived them one day.. Rem that I've been to Natural History Museum, Oxford street, shopping in Harrods (i saw Princess Diana ring in harrods), H&M and some shops in oxford streets, cant rem them now all by myself . Take photo outside Harrods at night, London Eye, Hard Rock cafe, Tower bridge, Beckingham Palace, Camden town with hubby, and meeting up with my friend for little fun at Hamleys, Primark, Mdm Tussards, Trafagal square. Here are some photos, hope u guys enjoy! Hope i can go there and have fun again some day :)