Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprise surprise

I happen to see a pair of shoes that is exactly the same name as my Chinese name/Han yu pinyin. I cant help it but took photo of it... i didnt know i have a shoes factory somewhere in china..hahaha...

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love the color not the taste

Found these 2 candies in our local supermarket and i dont really fancy the one that is colorful,even though they look nice but somehow they taste like rubber but my hubby loves it. I prefer the PEZ Hello kitty love candies more, I would say it taste better and the package is so cute. Don't u think so too?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pink Car Anyone?

My hubby today ask me to google "Paris Hilton pink Bentley" and i was stunned. I couldn't believe my eyes. Its so pretty, i would die happily if i can just drive, no no no i should say sit in it for even 1 min.I guess she spend bomb on it. The fact is since she is so rich that she can afford the cost of the Bentley, what is the cost of the paint job mean to her right? I am guessing she is using the "PIMP MY RIDE" crew to pimp it for her. Wanna see more of her pink car photos? check it out below. Tell me how can i not love a pink car?

Check this link--->: Paris Hilton Pink Car Photos

Totally love this hair style

I happen to search online for new hairstyle and hair color and i found these. Its a small world coz do you know who had this photo post up? Its beautiful EKI. thanks so much for her to do this magazine scan that inspire me. Coz i love the hair color as well as the sweet fluffy hairstyle. But i am not sure if i am suitable for this style. Too cute and sweet for me. Dont think i can bring out the style.

Pomegranate vinegar for you?

Recently i am addicted to fruit vinegar, i saw it on television where they introduced these type of vinegar that can be consumed after diluting (1:5) and can also be mixed in salad. This vinegar is darn tasty. I totally don't believed it till i taste it.Its sweet and a bit sour and a hint of vinegar taste. Now instead of drinking sweetening drinks i op for this vinegar.. they comes with in assorted flavor like plum, peach, grape, pomegranate, cranberry ( i think there are more flavors,i just cannot recall at this moment) There are lots more of benefit for drinking vinegar.U guys should try it i believe u guys will fall for it too. Its so refreshing. Just dilute with ice water, isnt it simple enough?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My best early birthday present for 2009! (super pic heavy)

My hugh hugh early birthday present
The happy going-to-be-birthday girl
See the dimension of the big box?
Mail using express mail
This box is bigger and taller than the normal size of magazine
Whats inside the big box?Whats inside the bubble wrap?3 goodies bags filled with surprisesNice makeup pouch right?its from VS!
Look at the cute VS zipper
See the goodies inside this pretty makeup pouch?
My dream (from my previous blog entry:)
My first VS paper bag
What's inside?
See this bag is filled with goodies!!
make up and lotions
My every first VS eye shadow
My dream lip balm in a cute tin
Close up look of everything
Don't u wish for present like this?
Nice right?
1 bag filled with sleepwear,one bag contain a bag!
See the happy me?
I love love this dress alot! very me,coz i love such dresses!!
Grey sleep wear that is so comfy and soft
100% silk pants,u should own this!
I love this pyjamas sleepwear setCute girlish shorts that i totally love it,very me!!
(sorry about the tag inside my shorts :P)
Lime green sleepwear100% Silk shorts which is totally comfortable
A big bag which i love,coz they can fill up my daily essential
These lotions smell so heavenly!!
Totally fall in love with it
Victoria's secret lotions
My dream items (eye crayons)
My first Beauty rush lip glosses

Ever feel surprise and touched when receiving your birthday present, no i should say early birthday present? Yes, happy and touched when i received it at the main
Singpost today. I was surprise to see this hugh, enormous box carried out from the rack by the staff. I am thinking to myself, this cant possible be mine! YES it is indeed MINE... when i saw the name on the box i knew this girl spoilt me again with her generous items she got for me. Do you know who i am referring to? She is Charina,the girl that never fails to surprise me (she surprise me once with her hand made piggies that brought tears to my eyes)..hehe...U will know how much she pamper me after seeing what she got for me :) This sweet dear that send this big box of goodies fill with Victoria's Secret items which i always dream to own... instead of buying me 1 item that make my dream come through, she got me the most amazing stuff from lotions to cosmetics to pouches to bags to pyjamas to paper bags!!!!!! i am giggling like a small girl while i explore all these OMG stuffs... i cant thank you enough Rina, coz u are my little fairy that make my dream come true and make me a happy woman. Thanks for your early present to me even though my birthday is in November! U really make my 2009 birthday a special one :)

Oh yes, if u find that i look weird that is becoz i cut my fringe, i have natural curl so my fringe tends to curl up when they are long,i got piss off with it therefore i cut it short (i usually have short fringe, sorry if u find it awful, least its easier to maintain)

Thank You RINA!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Once again, food porn!

My colleague brought me to this store
(what i eat is shown below)
Very nice and not oily *thumbs up*
Me and my friends eat here at this restaurant call "changing appetite"See their colorful menuOops i took the photo after eating coz i totally forgot
(coz i am too hungry)
My friend order this that comes with nachos
My friend's milkshake
Mushroom soup with garlic bread
My is ice blended lychee
(the another 2 is fruit and vegetable juice)
Couple sponge cake
Latest "subway" look alike fast food cafeMy spicy beef sandwich with green tea latte

These are the food that I've taken for the past few weeks, 3 of my friends and me went out to this restaurant after i pass my driving test. The food is ok but slightly steep. But nothing beats having dinner with accompany of friends right? The rest of the food pictures are dinner and lunch that i've eaten with hubby :)