Friday, September 2, 2011

Loch Ness,Highland and GlenCoe (Scotland)

My breakfast while waiting for the bus to pick us up
Lazying under the morning sun
Its a super big lake

A friend name Denise (solo backpacker from Argentina)that i get to know on this trip

This place i went to is a beautiful beautiful place in Scotland, took a Day trip to join this tour and i can only say its totally worth it. Loch ness is a place i always wanted to visit, who doesn't know Loch Ness monster?? Its so famous and a legend that even thou i know its not true i just wanted to go.. All the interesting story that the guide told us made a deep impression of all the things we pass by. The scenery is breath taking if i have a chance i would love to stay there longer to do all the trekking and stuff... Scotland shall we see each other again.

Would love to show all the photos but cant possible load everything in blog,therefore i manage to choose some beautiful ones here. I took almost 1000+/- everyday throughout my 2 months trip. So most of it is loaded in my face book..Travelling is my passion, being a female solo backpacker is my courage and independence to overcome all fears and be totally in charge of myself. I can only say i made it and i am proud of myself and i have fulfill one of my dream.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am back to blogging !!!

See how fat i am before i head out for my trip
My face is triple the size of my mum
Round is my face
Back after 2 months, finally can fit into this dress that used to sit in my closet

Back to play with my cosmetic
Finally home sweet home with a more define face
Taken before i come back from Paris
In Paris
Everything fits makes me super happy with my body
Even thou i am not thin but i am happy with my current look

Hi guys, so sorry that i have been away from blogging for months and i am so sorry about it. If u have been following my blog u will know that i have been travelling. Seriously i am heavily addicted to travelling all my life. Not sure if u guys are interested but if u do, continue to follow me coz i will be posting pictures and pictures of places i have been for the past months. And yes i have been to Sydney (Australia) just 2 weeks ago and stayed there for 12 days. Loving the things, people, places, animals i saw and met in all the places i've been... and the interesting story about the weird people i encounter during my trip in Europe.. So stay tuned my lovely ladies... The happiest thing from this Europe trip is*drum roll*== i lost 10kg within 2 months. Did u see the difference in me? And do u like the new me?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Glasgow (1st destination)

Finally after 13 hours of flight

Joining my friend and her classmates for dinner
My yummy personal pizza
One of the shopping alley
Home food

Beautiful place
Fish and chips and HAGGIS (a must try in scotland)

My first destination i went is Glasgow (Scotland), stay over at my friend's place.Get to know the place a bit more by walking the whole area. Shops are close pretty early there.about 5pm or 6pm. And due to my first solo backpacking tour, i cant shop. Coz my bag has no space for it :( But its ok coz the main aim for this trip is to see and learn more stuff, learning to be more independent,seeing places that i've always wanted to go, learning to take charge of my life, learning to appreciate the things back home and leaving my comfort zone. I have been planning for my backpacking trip for almost 3 years now. I am really glad that i took the courage and bought my ticket. Hubby is really nervous and excited for me. He is really supportive of what i am doing, helping me plan and bring me to source for stuff for my backpacking trip. I bought a new net book (in purple) and a new camera (Canon IXUS 300HS).and off i went on 24th April.My friends, colleagues and family went to send me off. I am glad they are happy for me.

Spend 5 days- 24th to 28th April ( in Scotland before i head down to London for the Royal Wedding