Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haul yesterday (23-1-10)

My new iphone cover in "strawberry chocolate" yummy..
My new iphone casing in orange
Shrinking face?! Better be good
A very small handy hair iron in pretty pink

oh gosh, i am having flu (sniff sniff) and now snuggling in my warm cozy bed... therefore would like to update you with my haul i did yesterday... I went to a flea market at singapore expo with my hubby yesterday and its like we have to take time to walk pass store by store to hunt for good stuff.. So far so good coz i love all the things!!! Do you? hahaha

Haul from Japan

Snacks from Japan for colleagues See the cute little packets
Hello Kitty pouch from JapanBack view
My total purchases

Hi guys.. wanted to show you guys the recent Japan purchases i had..oh no no..i didnt not go Japan for holiday, i had a friend of mine who went to Japan for her honeymoon, isn't she lucky? she is so sweet to keep me inform on most of the days on what items they have in Japan, constantly checking if i wanted anything from there and letting me know that the prices which are cheaper compare to Singapore, so here i am with all this wonderful products, i am grateful to her for bringing all this back for me :) i am so fortunate, without her i wont be getting this babies.. see so many collagen poder and tablets supplement...wonder will my skin be flawless soon... Since both of us have the collagen powder, we remind each other whether have we taken it for the day. i always joke that my skin feels that it sag coz i forgotten to take my orange juice with a scope of collagen powder. I love love love my products especially the hello kitty products, i have been eyeing those for the longest time coz i read it on some of the blogs.. and i love the packaging.. so pretty right...

Things she got for me:
2 packs of collagen powder (last for 2 months) $20+/pk in japan, Singapore $49+
2 packets of Fancl collagen tablets
A hello kitty pouch (a gift from here)
DHC cleansing oil (Not available here for this size)
DHC olive oil ( for skin and hair) $40+ in japan, Singapore selling at $69+
Hello Kitty collagen facial foam (smells so nice,not available here)
Rosette Hello Kitty Hyaluronic Acid Gel (not available here)

Yeh..exposure of my haul finally..

Recent haul for gym
My new sleepwear
My new lace stocking (which i regret buying)
From New look
From Zara
From push cart store
From push cart store
From new look
Origin facial wash,srub and MJ Lola
Taiwan haul from taiwan by mum
Bras haul
Lower eyelash,Dr G serum,Etude House lip concealer

Hi guys, as promise i took all the photos of my haul for this few months to show u guys, but there are some of the things that i missed out :( hope you don't mind.. hehe.. so far i am happy with every single thing that i purchases and guess what i bought a few more things today..hmmmm most probably will be sharing with you guys in the next few post too.. so whats your recent haul? share with me ok?...
Oh yah, to those who requested me to add your blog under my list, give me some time coz i will surely follow yours! and for those that are new to my blog, welcome to Summer's world, feel free to chat with me under my chat column on the right side and you are most welcome to leave me comments :) Have a wonderful weekends dears!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gift from colleague

(This post is supposed to be posted up before christmas but i am just too plan lazy..sorry sorry!!!) Gonna show you my sweet colleague who gave me tons of things. So sweet of her to give me so many items, It felt like early christmas and i love everything she gave me :)

2 tubes of BB cream
Compact powder
Loose Powder
2 Slimming gel
1 hair products (Lucidol)

***Next post my haul for this few months,so stay tuned!!!***

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recipe for TIRAMISU

My cup tiramisu
This is the mascarpone cheese i useI mixed the cheese into the whisked egg yolkI've fold them till its evenly blend

Ingredients that u need:

6 egg yolks
3 tablespoons of fine sugar
1 tub of mascarpone cheese (500gm)
7 sticks of ladys fingers
1 bowl of thick coffee/mocha/espresso
coco powder for shifting before serving
1 cap of bailey's cream

Base ingredient (optional):
10 Digestive biscuits/oreo
about 40gm of Melted butter
2 tablespoon of sugar

  • whisk egg yolks with sugar till it turns pale yellow
  • Fold egg into mascarpone cheese.
  • Add the cap of bailey's cream
  • Dip lady finger into the coffee
  • Place "base" ingredient into glass tray or individual cup
  • Place a layer of cheese on "base"
  • Place dipped lady finger on the cheese
  • Add another layer of cheese
  • Till the whole/cup tray is filled
  • Place the whole dish into the fridge for a few hours
Before serving shift some coco powder on it. Now its ready to be serve.Its simple and easy isn't it? Hope you guys have a great time doing it :)
For video reference please click here-->

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Evil summer is back with some food porn!! hehehe

How's your new year so far guys? i know i know that i've been lazy not updating my blog..sorry...but i have been reading you guys blog so i know your latest updates...hehehe..maybe the upcoming post i will be updating about my purchase and my recipe for cupcakes and tiramisu. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas cupcakes

My home made special for my guests
First vertical cupcake decorated by friends
My Christmas cupcakes for my colleagues

I know i am way before time but i just wanna share some of the things i've made during the christmas period. i've made tiramisu (for my family and close friends) and cupcakes (for my colleagues)...


Summer is still here!!! crawling from 2009 to 2010, not sure if you guys miss me but i do miss all of you guys.. Hope you guys have an awesome christmas and new year celebration.So whats your new year resolution? Recently i have been addicted to face book games and going out with my colleagues, not forgetting being proud to let you guys know that i went to a GYM..i know i know i am lazy to blog recently therefore disappearing from here for quite some time but believe it or not i'm trying to be more healthy and pretty by losing weight...i wanted to lose weight coz i am fat fat fat (dun worry coz i wont starve myself but just adding a few days of my time to visit the gym for some workout) ,all thanks to my friends for encouraging me to go,we had so much fun exercising :)... i've made some new year "goals" and i hope i can make my wish come true :)

For the next post i will show u guys what i bought,received (nothing hugh or expensive),just some haul that i accumulate recently..