Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yeh..exposure of my haul finally..

Recent haul for gym
My new sleepwear
My new lace stocking (which i regret buying)
From New look
From Zara
From push cart store
From push cart store
From new look
Origin facial wash,srub and MJ Lola
Taiwan haul from taiwan by mum
Bras haul
Lower eyelash,Dr G serum,Etude House lip concealer

Hi guys, as promise i took all the photos of my haul for this few months to show u guys, but there are some of the things that i missed out :( hope you don't mind.. hehe.. so far i am happy with every single thing that i purchases and guess what i bought a few more things today..hmmmm most probably will be sharing with you guys in the next few post too.. so whats your recent haul? share with me ok?...
Oh yah, to those who requested me to add your blog under my list, give me some time coz i will surely follow yours! and for those that are new to my blog, welcome to Summer's world, feel free to chat with me under my chat column on the right side and you are most welcome to leave me comments :) Have a wonderful weekends dears!!!


Denysia said...

Awesome haul! That pink top is super cute! And those lashes are very nice! :)

JordanMayTwigs said...


I got the Marc Jacobs Lola for Christmas.
I love it.
My mother hates it.
Can't win them all I suppose??

I recently bought the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Palette,
Two NYX Round Lipsticks,
10 Mineral Eye Shadow Sample Baggies,
And a My Pretty Sample Bag.
All of which I am waiting for in the mail.

Vanilla said...

awww now i wanna do my post too!lol
got 2 la senza bras for 75!:P

kalai said...

goodies^^~~ your pyjamas are so cute + i want that zara top^^

so many lashes~ you've just reminded me i bought some lower lashes a while back.. but never tried them before.. ^^ xx