Monday, February 22, 2010

My Laneige Haul

My new 3 items that add to my skin care collection
Here they are
My favourite!!!!! *both thumbs up*
This smells so nice that i cant miss applying them on my face every am/pm
See what it can do for u
My favorite mask at the moment
Direction of usage
A hit in Singapore now
Short and sweet information
All this are mine
Free samples

I was doing a little shopping with my colleagues in Orchard 3 days back and i saw this counter which sells the korean brand products call "LANEIGE". The water sleeping pack EX is the latest advertisement on TV promoting how hydrating this product can be therefore i am so tempted to try, i went to find out more and end up with addition 2 product which is the strawberry yogurt peeling gel which is so gentle when u use it to scrub your face without leaving your skin dry,all dead skin can easily be removed in sec which is amazing.

My own review based on my skin:

Strawberry yogurt peeling mask:
  • Smells awesome
  • Gently on skin
  • Skin felt smooth after scrubbing
  • No tight sensation
  • No redness seen after using
  • No breakout the next day
  • Lots of dead skin seen after scrubbing
  • Pink in color
Clear C Effector:
  • Smells so nice (i swear!!!)
  • After applying this my skin feel so fresh and hydrated
  • Claims to be a first step on skin for better absorption of your normal routine steps
  • Brighten the skin
  • A booster for transparent looking skin
  • Serum like texture
  • Not sticky
  • Absorb into your skin real quick
Water sleeping pack EX
  • The last step to apply this before u sleep
  • Skin do look more hydrated in the morning
  • Not sticky at all
  • Smell not really addictive
  • Skin do feel slightly brighten (give me more time to see if it works)
  • Best product to be applied on face if u sleep in Air con room at night or those that has winter season coz it will provide extensive hydration to your skin.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I got my package from Hawaii

This is how my post office outlet look like I always Q up here to collect my big package or post out items
My pathetic small letter box
My small letter boxA big package or parcel cant fit in
For my sweet tooth :)

New items that Jennifer got me.i am in love with this
The tastiest all time fav of mine :)Yummy honey glazed macadamia
The extra that Jennifer got me

Ever since sweet darling Jennifer bought a can of honey glazed macadamia nuts for me to try on my birthday i got so addicted to it that i send her an email asking if she can help me purchase them.. she is so kind to get it for my sweet tooth and i am fortunate that she introduce these to me.. they are so crunchy and sweet and i cant explain how much i love them, maybe the reason is: i cant find such nice macadamia nuts over here.. think its the best nuts i've eaten so far..i am grinning from ear to ear when i received them in the post office and i cant wait to rip them up and start popping them into my mouth, even my hubby agree that they are tastier than what we have here. Wanna thank Jennifer so getting them for me and of course adding such a big box of chocolate for me and i love the coconut brittle u got me.. they are very very sweet but crunchy too with a hint of buttery taste not forgetting the chewy bits of dessicated coconut.yummy!!! Hope u love the Singapore chilli crab sauce pack i send u

Friday, February 19, 2010

DHC collagen supplement drink

This is the collagen from DHC that i have been drinking every night before i sleep. It taste super yummy... not sure if it does makes my skin looks better but i do admit i have clearer skin now. It taste like concentrate fruit juice..hehee..i am now taking the Meiji collagen powder and this drink at night so i presume it does help increase the elasticity of my skin or maybe its just psycological thinking.. every night my hubby will take one bottle out from the fridge and put it beside my bed to remind me to drink before i sleep. Best taken chill.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My love pendant

Wanna share my joy with you guys!!! i found my love pendant, if u guys have been following my blog u know i have been looking for a Paris street sign. I am disappointed coz i cant find it BUTTTTTT.......Guess what i found???? A pendant in Paris street sign..How can i resist myself from buying it? how can i miss the chance again?? So i bought it from the boutique called Agatha.. Agatha Paris is a brand from france if u are wondering :)

Clip on hair tutorial

My ugly coz i never tidy/dry thoroughly * hahahaha*
clip half of your hair up
See the 5 cute clips *hair looks golden under the flash light*
Up close look of the hair clips
(Without flash the hair is brown)
Clip all the 5 clips onto my real hair
Upclose of the clip on extension
Without flash light and a full view of the hair
Let go of the top half of my real hair
Finish look without flash light
These are the small side clips (for the side of the hair)
The curls look too glossy with flash light :(
Done and u can go out for some fun

See how easy to have hair extension,no more waiting for your hair to reach desire length, no need to worry about bad hair cut, bad hair day, no more perming your own hair,.You can go out in the day with long straight hair and perm hair at night, all u need is hair extension or wigs to do the trick..Try to get real hair as they look more natural and easier to maintain...If u guys know where to get those real hair extension,leave me a comment would love to review it..Hope you guys enjoy my post!!

Changing my looks again!

All u need are these
All u need is a fringe for this look
Want fuller curl? add this clip on extension
Does it look natural?
Be a doll for a day
Loving it so much
See how natural and pretty

Hi guys!!!.. shock to see my long sexy hair suddenly? After viewing suzi vids i am addicted and i mean heavily addicted!!!! super addicted that i wish to have long beautiful hair.. i used to go for hair extension using the braiding method and it causes hugh damage to my real hair coz they got tangled and i lost lots and i mean LOTS of hair during the removal process and i swear that i will never ever do it again, until suzi inspired me that there are such things as clip on hair extension but its difficult to find real hair extensions here and i am so lucky to find these website that sells different wigs,fringe and clip in hair extension over here in Singapore, the lady boss is very pretty and Also very helpful too, she explains on how to use these clip on and encourage me to try them before deciding which one suit me best. These clips on are synthetic hair therefore they look too perfect and glossy but i swear they look really natural without the flash. I grab myself a fringe, a full piece clip on Japanese style big curl and 2 small size big curl (for the side). All i want is different hairstyle without cutting, perming my hair. LOL.. Currently I am now looking for clip on human hair that matches my hair color and hopefully able to get them real soon :)

In my next blog i will do a tutorial on how to clip these extensions so wait up guys!!

MoMo loves chinese new year too

These are some random photos i've taken during the reunion dinner.. Momo loves the crowd especially children.. and haha not forgetting he wore his new new year clothes and receive ang bao (red packets) too