Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sorry for not updating this blog recently..i'm buzy with my house.....Didn't know that having a house of our own can cost so much..Nowadays i have been busy with my house decoration and renovate..that means time and $$ spend on it....running here and there to look for lights,furniture,appliances,sink,tap,bed.....didn'tppl out there if you are intending to renovate your house or getting a new apartment better start saving now..have to plan the laminate of your tv console,how many lights you want to put up,laminate for the kitchen cabinet etc...but the best thing is that when you see your empty,undone house start to fill with your ideas,nicely decorated,everything is worth it,even though you spend a bomb on it..can't wait for my house to be ready this end of the month....moving in soon,thats the worst part coz its packing time!!!Think i have the best kitchen that no one has..coz i just love the belongs to me!!!!