Monday, August 31, 2009

My Age

Oh My Oh 12midnight is the closing date for my contest and on 1st September (tomorrow) i will be announcing the 2 lucky winners (you will be notify by your chatbox, email, comments, whatever i can use to reach you,within 24 hours if there is no response from the winner, i will be reselecting someone else) and of course not forgetting about announcing my AGE to the blogger's world... People say age is a woman forever secret but i don't mind it at all as long as i spend my daily life to the fullest and stay happy everyday for the rest of my life. Better don't laugh at my age,i will be watching you... Mauhahahahaha. Joking

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's do a countdown!!

MySpace Countdowns

Did i miss out anyone ?????

1) Martha (prize 2)
2) Sherry (prize 1)
3) Anita (prize 1)
4) Tamara (prize 2)
5) Gracie (prize 1)
6) Meii (prize 2)
7) Stephanie (prize 1)
8) Twinkletinklewish (prize 2)
9) Lisette (Prize 1)
10) Zoe (prize 1)
11) K.C. (prize 2)
12) Jennifer (prize 2)
13) Rina (prize 1 or 2)
14) Karen (prize 1)
15) JordanMayTwigs (prize 2)
16) Shelly (prize 2)
17) Lu (prize 1 or 2)
18) Jo-An (prize 1)
19) Jill (prize 2)
20) Denysia (prize 2)
21) Ayn (prize 1)
22) Gem (prize 1)
23) Shan (prize 2)
24) Verina (prize?)
25) Carla (prize 2)
26) Rhaindropz (prize 1 or 2)
27) Kalai (prize 1)
28) Nicola (prize 1 or 2)
29)Don Don (prize 1)
30)Emily (prize1 or 2)

Good Lucks to these beauties here.. Come join in if u haven't.

Magnets collections

Left fridge door
Right fridge door
My friend bought for me in USA,but it drops and broke.
My hubby glued it back coz i cried
The magnet behind haven't glued back
Total Doraemon collectionsSection 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Taiwan,Holland,Death valley,Hawaii,Hard rock
Hollywood,Texas,Housework magnet (given by friend)

Here's my collection of magnets (there is a full collection of the hello kitty magnets I've collected at my mum's place which i didn't bring over,maybe I'll show you guys next time). Been collecting for like 2 years now. I used to travel and buy magnet for a friend of mine (as she request, she has a hugh collections) and i did not get any for myself until 2 years back i was thinking, hmm since i am going to move house and going to have fridge of my own, why not start collecting them. Most of the magnets are places I've been so, i bought magnet as a a remembrance of where I've travelled to. But all thanks to Jennifer (she is so sweet to send me 2 magnets from HAWAII), she is willing to exchange magnets with me during the swap.. so here it is enjoy. Do you have magnet collection? I would love to see them.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 more days!!!

3 more days to the closing date (31st august) of my first giveaway... Take part in the contest now!! Who knows? you might just be lucky enough to win the prize... Spread the words to your friends, bloggers, followers who u think might be interested.Check out my side bar to see who took part in the contest as well as to find out how to take part.

Click --->HERE to find out more,or click on any gifts on the side bar to find out more.

If you cant take photos of your bag collections, its ok. Just make a guess of my age and leave a short description on how you think of me (first impression) IN YOUR BLOG, not forgetting to add in a link to my blog. Send me your blog link under my comment to inform me that u took part in my contest or chatbox, so that i will not miss anyone of you out..

Take you so much to all the lovely ladies who took part in my first giveaway..really really appreciate the time and effort to do a post on it and showing me your support in my giveaway. I hope no one felt hurt or disappointed if u did not win anything,there will be more chance coming up ok? Summer hereby give everyone a BIG HUG of appreciations.THANK YOU LADIES..*Maucks* Good luck!! *winks*

Gentle reminder:
Closing date 31st August 12mn singapore time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random post

Traditional cream cake
Momo entertaining himself with a bunch of string
Side of the car
Front of the car
A hello kitty car
Align CenterSee how cute the way the cat sleep
A cat sleeping on the food center chair
Macdonald caramel and green apple ice cream
Chempedak fruitSee the juicy fruit inside

Strawberry ice creamVanilla filling
Yogurt flavor sweet from Japan store
Giant poster on our train station wallWanna have the biggest magnum?
Taken in our train station
Shelter under the tree on a rainy day

Some cute photos i've taken recently using my iphone,no topic just simply for viewing leisure. Enjoy!

Chempedak-> some people fried them using flour batter.yum!

Take part of Leanne's contest!

:: Sleek i-Divine Palette- 'The Original'. This one is often underrated in favour of the limited edition ones!
:: Barry M Limited Edition Dazzle Dust (it's a medium purple colour but as far as I'm aware hasn't got a name).
:: Soap & Glory 'Flake Away' body scrub (50ml size tub)
:: Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polish in 'BMX Bandit'
:: Sample size of No7 Stay Perfect liquid liner in 'Jewel' (my favourite coloured liner!)
:: Sample (approx 1/4 teaspoon) of Illamasqua Pure Pigment in 'Furore'
:: Sample sachet of MaxFactor Second Skin Foundation in 'Golden'
Rules:: You MUST be a follower! Doesn't matter if you're not already a follower, you can start now. :)
:: Anyone in any country can enter (dependent on your country's laws on receiving cosmetics from overseas)
:: To gain an extra entry, follow me on Twitter (@donotrefreeze) and tweet about this giveaway
:: To gain another extra entry, mention this on your blog (just slip it in at the end of a post, you don't need to make a whole new one).
:: Make sure to mention in the comments if you Tweet or Blog about this, with links so I can check :)
:: The winner will be drawn from either or the old fashioned way from a hat on the 17th of September. That gives you exactly 3 weeks to enter. Go go go!

(In the event that the winner does not contact me within 24 hours, I'll draw again).

Let's take part now, click here-->Leanne's contest

This is my entry for the contest (closing date 17th sept):
I am proud of myself being a nurse and doing charity work,contributing to the society,thats a little something i can give.As a nurse or a volunteer we give our care and concern and even donations without asking for return :) check out my volunteer work blog entry here in 24/8/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't hate me part 2 (taken same day)

Orchard (Takashimaya)
Orchard (Paragon)
Orchard street
Paragon street

Food opera (food center)in ION orchard basement Deco inside part 1Some deco insideTotal food
Fish soup
Cha kuey tiao (fried noodle),Local delicacyUpclose
Fried oyster Upclose
Let's dig in
Tako (from japan store)
Yummy yummy
Octopus inside

Remember the day me and my friend went for some fruit tarts in the afternoon (previous food entry)? We shop from 1pm all the way to 6pm (in orchard) and thats the day we had dinner together at ION ORCHARD BASEMENT, SO please do not get angry at me, just wanna show u guys what local delicacy u can find in our normal food junction/food court/coffeeshop/food center anywhere in Singapore.Do try them if you are here.

1) Cendol--> is a cold dessert ( shave ice,red bean,coconut milk,brown sugar, green noodle)

2) Fried oyster --> Local delicacy (tapioca flour,spring onion,oyster and egg)

3) Fish soup --> (contain evaporated milk,ginger,fried fish slices,seaweed,toufu)

4) Char kuey tiao (fried noodle)--> Local delicacy (cockles,noodles,egg,spring onion,sweet dark sauce)