Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't hate me part 2 (taken same day)

Orchard (Takashimaya)
Orchard (Paragon)
Orchard street
Paragon street

Food opera (food center)in ION orchard basement Deco inside part 1Some deco insideTotal food
Fish soup
Cha kuey tiao (fried noodle),Local delicacyUpclose
Fried oyster Upclose
Let's dig in
Tako (from japan store)
Yummy yummy
Octopus inside

Remember the day me and my friend went for some fruit tarts in the afternoon (previous food entry)? We shop from 1pm all the way to 6pm (in orchard) and thats the day we had dinner together at ION ORCHARD BASEMENT, SO please do not get angry at me, just wanna show u guys what local delicacy u can find in our normal food junction/food court/coffeeshop/food center anywhere in Singapore.Do try them if you are here.

1) Cendol--> is a cold dessert ( shave ice,red bean,coconut milk,brown sugar, green noodle)

2) Fried oyster --> Local delicacy (tapioca flour,spring onion,oyster and egg)

3) Fish soup --> (contain evaporated milk,ginger,fried fish slices,seaweed,toufu)

4) Char kuey tiao (fried noodle)--> Local delicacy (cockles,noodles,egg,spring onion,sweet dark sauce)


ThinkingPig said...

lovely food...I will like them^^

Summer Darling said...

Hi dear...glad u like them!!

Anonymous said...

OH my... i will be posting food too in my blog soon
so i can make others hungry..
thats my revenge BwAhahahah..
Just kidding:)
lots of giveaways:) sale:) contest:) i wanna share to u

Have a nice day!
You make me drool LOL

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oh my gosh, OMG, I cannot believe how yummy everything ALWAYS looks! *drools* XD Gosh, my tummy's growling.

DonDon said...

you had me at the oysters...i love oysters!

Emily said...

wah such great place

Kalmo said...

Nice food pics!

Summer Darling said...

i would love to see the food u guys taken.i would love to drool over it..willingly i should say...hahaha..i want food post with picture heavy