Thursday, August 27, 2009

4 more days till closing date (hurry!)

(*** Please let me know if i miss any one of you out yah ***)

These are the darlings that take part in my first giveaway.. I really appreciate you guys spending time doing this. Those who are new here, join in the fun.. I will be updating this frequently as more entries start coming in... Check out their lovely post... these beauties have great collections of bags.. Simply love them !! I'm sure u guys will love them too.

Prize #1
1) Etude house folder with Actor Lee Min Ho (Korean series Boys Before Flowers)
2) Duo blusher
3) 2 powder eyeshadows
4) 1 cream eye shadow
5) 1 pair of my DIY earrings
6) The Face Shop pearl powder mask
7) 1 nail polish
8) 1 strawberry frappu pore pack
9) 1 mineral eyeshadow
10) 1 Singapore Magnet

Prize #2
1) 1 nail polish
2) 1 Singapore magnet
3) 1 blusher
4) 1 pair of my DIY earrings
5) 1 pouch
6) 2 powder eyeshadows
7) 1 cream eyeshadow
8) 1 Australia brand mask
9) 1 strawberry frappu pore pack

Beauties who take part:

1) Martha (The beauty Junkee) (op for prize #2)--->HERE
Thanks for answering all questions Martha)

2) Sherry (prize #1)---> HERE
First time to your blog first impression is you are very sweet gal, my guess of your age is early 20's max is 23 :)

3) Anita chow (aniiita89)(prize #1)--->HERE
(Thanks for answering all questions Anita!)
*I would guesss your around mid 20's
*I havent used blogger long but the first impression i got from your blog is tht your a really sweet and fun girl :) i love your posts about food because everything looks soo yuummmy lolz

4) Tamara (cherry colors)(prize #2)--->HERE
(Thanks for answering all the questions Tamara!)
Now to the first impression:
* I think that you are a fun girl. You are a bit of obsessed with your dog, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He must be the world's most spoiled dog :D!
You have some of the most interesting business here on blogger and a loving hubby. I think you're o
ne of the bloggers that are probably really sweet in person.
* Hmm.. your age? My guess is 23.

5) Gracie (gracified shopaholix) (prize either 1)---> HERE
This girl is so sweet and her blog is so informative and I needed to guess her age! ummm... 20?? I'm sorry if you're too young for this age ^_^

6) MEii (LiVE.LAUGH.&LOVE)(prize #2)---> HERE
(Thanks for doing all the questions MEii)
* Her answer for my age 23?! and she think i am a really sweet and fun girl.

7) Stephanie (aqua-heart)(prize #1)---> She send me via email

8) Twinkletinklewish (See her side bar)(prize#2)---> HERE
(Thanks for doing all question dear)
* I'm guessing your around 25? But you really look 21.

9) Lisette (robin_titan)(prize #1)---> HERE
Thanks for doing all questions Lisette)
* Hmm you look REALLY young. I'm guessing 15? I'm probably wrong but seriously, you look young!

10) Zoe (13 december)(prize #1)---> HERE
(Thanks for doing all questions Zoe)
* My first impression was that you commented on my blog and followed me just after I followed you. That was really nice of you^^...And you even told me that you are going to suggest some nice places if I wanted to travel to Singapore one day*.
* Your age?I guess 23 but you look much younger..^^

11) K.C. (cambo soup)(prize #2)---> HERE
(Thanks for doing all questions)
* My first impression of you was on facebook actually, facebook rec. you as a friend because we had common blogger friends. I knew you had to be a blogger then so I checked out your pictures and totally loved all your wedding pictures! They're so pretty and you looked gorgeous. THEN I visited your blog and also thought it was very nice. You seemed like a very sweet girl! You could pass for 16 and look very young. BUT because I know you're married and over 22 (from your shoe post), I would say 23??

12) Jennifer (sunshiinelovee)(prize #2)---> HERE
(Thanks for doing all questions Jennifer)
* I just posted my bag collection on my blog. My first impression of you was that you are very helpful. I asked so many questions and you answered all of them! You went out of your way to help me, it must of taken a lot of your time. I am really grateful to have met such a nice person like you!I would like prize #2 :)
I would guess that you are 26, but you look like you are in your early 20s. I think all your kindness makes you look so young!

13) Rina (rae630)(prize either #1 or #2 is fine)---> HERE

14) Karen (sizbelle)(prize #1)---> HERE

15) Jordan May Twigs (prize#2)---> HERE

16) Shelly (shellylovesmakeup)(Prize#2)---> HERE
I thought you looked like a such a cutie and so generous and helpful with your service to help people like me buy things they can't get in Singapore! And you also gave some great advice with my shopping trip to Singapore and I am forever grateful! Thanks so much:)
Age is just a number so I say you are my number 1 favourite blogger! Is that good enough? ehhe
This was a fun contest! Thanks for doing this!:)

17) LU (Just a girl)(Prize either 1 or 2)---> HERE
My guess for your age is.......24 (same as me) :)
My first impression of your blog was that it was very cute as I like looking at different cultures.

18) Jo-An (Loving it)(Prize#1)---> HERE
♥Well, first time I saw and read about your blog. My first impression was you are fun to be with cos with how you wrote in your blog:) Lol I thought u were good but not really.. Cos i am always reading blog and i read your blog around midnight. You always make me hungry lol.. Just kidding:)
hehehe.. you look 19:) am I right?

19) Jill (label doll)(prize#2)---> HERE
I am assuming you are about my age, late 20's. You look younger than that, but we're Asian. It's hard to tell. We always look younger than we really are. (Lucky us)
I would love to win the 2nd prize! Thanks for stopping by!

20) Denysia
(Hello Denysia)(prize#2)---> HERE
And what I thought about Summer when I first found her blog, was that I thought she was sweet! And I think that everyone should read her blog! She has some very interesting articles! Plus she posts a lot of pictures of food, and makeup! :)
I think that Summer is probably around 24 or 25?? Haha. :)

21) Ayn (dashitout)(prize#1)---> HERE
age?!? hmmmm... mid 20s... around 24-26 :) though it's good to use age care products to prepare ourselves from the battle ahead (lol) but i remember reading from a site that it is better to start using age care products on your late-20's or when you reach 30!

22) Gem (rarevanity)(prize#1)---> HERE
I was actually impressed with Summer's blog because most of her entries are long. It goes to show that she really make time for blogging be it about beauty, food, or travelling! And oh, Summer, don't worry too much about your skin. I don't think you're old.. all the more that you don't look old. You're probably just 25 years old =)

23) Shan (shan shan style)(prize#2)---> HERE
Age wise when I first seen you I thought you was really young something like 18/19..But then you said you were married.. So I guess around 23/24.Nah you dont need any anti age skin care products. You look so young.
When I first your blog..It gave me the impression that you was super sweet and friendly. A nice person :)

24) Verina (lemonadecandy)(prize#?)---> HERE
when i first saw ur blog,i really loved it,ur blog is just like mine,lil bit of this and share things in ur life,like ur holiday,ur home,family,bla bla.its like taking a peek to ur life and its very bored with pro beauty blog who only reviews and swatches stuff ( no offense,its ust my preference)
and my first guess,u were 19 ! but then i saw that u are married?umm lemme think,gimme a sec
u r 23 !
r u?lol

25) Carla (cabyness)(prize#2)---> HERE
Okay Summer, here goes. :) I think you're crazy that you may need anti-age skincare because you have great skin! My very first impression was what great skin you have! And your blog, it's like a one-stop-shop because I like how you talk about everything, from food, Bags, Make up and heck even announcing new contests and giveaways. Lastly, you love bags just like me. So I would have to say you're 24. :)

26) Rhania (rhaindropz)(prize either one)---> HERE
im gonna guess your age dear..
are you 21 years old? hehehe..
just a wild guess hun =)

27) Kalai (rose tint)(prize#1)---> HERE
First impressions. you come off as a happy and optimistic person. you have a nice camera its very natural.. mine is always forced or weirdly put on~
age?? you look younger than me and ive just turned 22. but im not married.. so my final guess is 23.

28) Nicola (spoilted rotten)(prize#1 or 2)---> HERE
My first impression of you is that you really look so sweet and young and that you're posts really interest me....honestly.....and I guess you're age would be either 27 or 28...but u look so young but I just guess u would be late 20's cuz' I am too...

29) Don Don (Dondon bubble)(prize#1)---> HERE
And my first impressions of Summer are:
She's a really sweet and genuine person who has a really kind heart. I 'met' her blog through Suzit86 when she was posting about a swap they did. She was talking about how sweet Summer was, and i just had to check her blog out! Turns out she's a really nice girl, and loves food! (Just like me yay!) She's also very passionate for blogging and likes to update a lot. =) I really like what she says in her profile about me section about how confidence is the key to beauty! You are so right Summer!
And your age?
I think you're around 25? I only say this cos i think cos you are married? But you look much younger than that cos you have a baby face! (hehe...^^)

30) Emily (ohwowsorandom) (prize #1 or 2)---> HERE
To Summer: The first impression of you when I first read your blog was that you are a really pretty lady! I saw your pictures and all the makeup you put on, and I immediately pressed the following you button, because I was thinking in my mind “Oh my gosh she’s so pretty, I wish I can be like her someday”. And summer, seriously after reading more and more of your posts I can tell that you are not only beautiful on the outside, but you are also just gorgeous on the inside too! You are so nice, and doing the volunteer work, I look up to you. I think that you are 23, but oh come on, you do not need anti age products, and you have great flawless skin. No need on using any of that!



Lu said...

Hello Sweetie!

I would like to take part for either Prize 1 or 2 please. Both look great and cute! xXx

Summer Darling said...

sure hun!!

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