Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love package from Suzi

See all these goodies..*faint*
So many sleek items,so so happy
Awesome isn't it
Lovely lipstick suzi got me
My sweet letter
So cute!!!

Sorry for the late late post ever, i have been trying to blog as much as i can coz i am way behind time in blogging,i have so many things to blog,about my haul recently and all the nice things I've received from some awesome dears. One of it is Suzi who is so so sweet in helping me get Sleek eye shadows that I've been wanting to own, she manage to get me 2 palette that i wish to have including the lip balm.. she adds in additional blusher, lipstick, eye lashes, samples for me as a birthday present, isn't she a sweetheart?! I love love eye single thing and i cant wait to play with all these makeups..will do a LOTD (look of the day) if i can yah.. so stay tuned!

**For those that leave me comments on my previous post, please read through my reply comments from me to you, i've always reply comments whenever i can. Even if i did not reply you please reassure that i've always take time in reading really make my day.thanks for all the comments :) hope to see more of it soon !

Hello Kitty lab

The card that i've got after then end of the game (left belongs to my hubby)

This is the hello kitty lab i went last Saturday, i paid sgd$38 per person($76 for 2 person) for the tickets, what i can say its super boring and i feel a bit disappointed with the amount i paid. inside the kitty lab is just game, the rule is you have to go to every station to play a game ,if u win you get to choose (eye,shoes,accessories,pet) for your kitty, every station allow u to accumulate the items,complete the game within 35 mins, u get to bring home a hello kitty badge, even if u dun complete within 35 mins you get to own your own hello kitty card towards the end of the day. Written big and clear that no videos and photos allow but when i enter everyone and i mean every single one bring out their cameras and goes clicking away.. even the staff working inside help to take photos for you. Hope you enjoy the photos,click on the link below to know more about it in case kitty lab is going to your country as the next destination.

Hongkong Day 5 (Home Sweet Home)

View from my hotel
All set to explore my last day in HKOne of the train station
See how nice they deco the train stationFinally we ate the most authentic dim sum in this restaurantSee the menu? i have the hard time figuring what dish they haveSteam carrot cake
A lot of rich customers behind meFried spring rollsSiew mai , har kow and a pot of chinese teaa very steep steps Bubble tea
I finally tried this noodle,i love it,so yummy
Mixed 3 ingredient of your choice-i choose cucumber,prawn and egg
Po lo bun
Egg tartOur last meal in Hong Kong
My dog's shirt
My total mini haul
I spend my last drop of penny in disneyland store in the airport
See how cute the earrings are
From disneyland store (airport)

The dim sum restaurant is super expensive these 4 dishes and a pot of tea cost us about sgd$30+, we cant seem to find those cheap one when we need one.but the food is so tasty,no wonder there are so many rich customer having their dim sum there, some went there in Rolls Royce. We explore many places like the gold fish street,a market that sell lots of clothes,shoes,boots,cap, manicure services,sleep wear,toys and bags and i went back to the store that sell contact lens,this time i bought 2 pairs of grey and black. We went to disneyland store in the airport (since we have about 2 hours to shop there),i spend every single hong Kong cents there. I miss the cold weather there,not forgetting the food and shopping :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hong Kong Day 4 ---> Macau

Almond cookies and peanut candies-souvenir
A brand new day to MacauMeet my friend there to Macau tripOur Ferry ride
My chilli noodle (my breakfast in macau)My hubby breakfast- macau pork chop bunA grand casino in Macau
St paul's ruins
This taste super good macau egg tart
Their street sign
I am impress with this casino,super grand
Rolls Royce
Crystal lighting from the ceiling in one of the casino

These are the pictures of my Macau trip..hehehe.its our day 4 in hong kong so we meet up one of my colleague there who happen to go holiday during the period when we are there so we planned to go Macau. We had our breakfast there and its colder than hong kong . OMG I am wearing the new dress from H&M and th wind there is super strong. i am so worry that my skirt will flip over. hahaa.. their egg tarts are heavenly and we tried to buy our 2nd one but they run out of it.. sad!!! Its super creamy and fresh thinking of it now make me drool.. The most famous thing u can find in Macau are casino and mind you, every casino are so so grand. i am lost of words when i first saw it, the lights the deco are so expensive. The 3 of us try our luck on jackpot but fail..hehehe.its just for fun. We bought lots of cookies from Macau as souvenirs (freshly bake almond cookies and peanut candies on the spot-macau famous for it ) for our relatives and friends. ans i bought a post card and send it back to my own home. i love doing that coz the stamp that they stamp on the postage stamp. My first one i collected is from Paris.i post it at the effiel tower