Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hong Kong Day 4 ---> Macau

Almond cookies and peanut candies-souvenir
A brand new day to MacauMeet my friend there to Macau tripOur Ferry ride
My chilli noodle (my breakfast in macau)My hubby breakfast- macau pork chop bunA grand casino in Macau
St paul's ruins
This taste super good macau egg tart
Their street sign
I am impress with this casino,super grand
Rolls Royce
Crystal lighting from the ceiling in one of the casino

These are the pictures of my Macau trip..hehehe.its our day 4 in hong kong so we meet up one of my colleague there who happen to go holiday during the period when we are there so we planned to go Macau. We had our breakfast there and its colder than hong kong . OMG I am wearing the new dress from H&M and th wind there is super strong. i am so worry that my skirt will flip over. hahaa.. their egg tarts are heavenly and we tried to buy our 2nd one but they run out of it.. sad!!! Its super creamy and fresh thinking of it now make me drool.. The most famous thing u can find in Macau are casino and mind you, every casino are so so grand. i am lost of words when i first saw it, the lights the deco are so expensive. The 3 of us try our luck on jackpot but fail..hehehe.its just for fun. We bought lots of cookies from Macau as souvenirs (freshly bake almond cookies and peanut candies on the spot-macau famous for it ) for our relatives and friends. ans i bought a post card and send it back to my own home. i love doing that coz the stamp that they stamp on the postage stamp. My first one i collected is from Paris.i post it at the effiel tower


mandy said...

Are the last couple of pictures of a shopping center? It looks so luxurious and European :P

Looks like loads of fun! Wish I can go to HK and Macau for vacation.

Serena said...

wow didnt know macau looks like las
god that spicy noodle looks so yummy !lol
thanks god ur skirt didnt flip over.that's be soo embarassing !haha
wow u sent postcard from eiffel too?shud do that if i have the chance

Summer Darling said...

@ serena- yep macau is a mini version of las vegas,casino are everywhere.oh the noodle is so good especially when the weather is so cold there.i am glad that my skirt are nicely tug inside my coat,i'm so worried that it might flip,hahaha..stress!!! hahaha
yep there is a post office at level 2 of the effiel tower,buy a post card from there and i post it back with their special stamp on it...u should do it..really memorable.

@ mandy- its a casino with all the 300+ boutiques in it,yes it really look like venice.i am super impress with everything inside.

adin_22 said...

OMG. You went to Macau..ever since BOF shoot some scenes there I've been wanting to go to that place...