Monday, April 26, 2010

I need ALL the help i can get ladies!!

Hi all the darlings out here.. Gonna need all the help u can give me :) *blink blink*

Coz summer here is planning on her solo trip to Europe (backpacking) yehhhh!!!!! I am going to be independent once again and go explore the world on my own..oh my oh my... HELLO EUROPE... Summer is heading out for u... hahahaha... i cant help but feel excited and so so so happy. Traveling is my number one favorite. even though its not like anywhere soon next month but still i am feeling so excited already... I have like months to get ready and do my research on the places i want to go... in order to make my dream come true i need help from you ladies who experienced traveling on your own, traveled to any part of Europe, any backpackers out here, residence who stay in any part of Europe that can provide me with all the information u know. I am going to start a diary the moment i set out on my own and i know that this time its going to be an awesome experience for me, a once in a life thingy with no regret. Hubby is so supportive that he encourage me to go see the world and fulfill my dream and make it come true since i am still young with no commitment. I am drowning myself in thick thick travel books and staring on my lappie clicking away for more information..i am trying to plan my own itinerary so if i cant submit a good one then as hubby say he wants me to join contiki or topdeck group so that i can travel and be safe at the same time

Email me @ if:
  • U can give me information about Eurail (price, how it works)
  • What are the best places to visit
  • Am i able to work and travel there? (like earn a meal or stay kind of thingy)
  • How do you budget while traveling?
  • What are your advice to pack for a month or more
  • What are your advice on safety?
  • If u have a traveling blog/experience/link to share with me
  • what places of interest is a "must see" that i must go
  • what are your experience when u travel
  • whats the best time of the year to go visit?
  • Whats the worst time to travel
  • Homestay experience or anything u know about
  • Anything about travel that u wanna share with me.
Even though i've been to Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome i am still going there to visit the places i've missed.. i want to meet new people.. i may appear shy and tongue tied to strangers but i believe i can do these all by myself. Would love to see you guys email and comments!!! Summer wait for u *hugs*

(Photos taken from google )

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RED ALERT!! Remove all your chat box

Hi guys, just want to share a big RED ALERT news with everyone here, SOMEONE COWARD/SHUNK JUST USED MY NAME (SUMMER) TO LEAVE SHITTY REMARKS AND COMMENTS IN MY CHATBOX, if u notice at my side bar, the chatbox is missing. And sad to announce i have just remove it because i notice a piece of dung=cow shit have stained my chatbox..whoever he or she or u who wants to get me, live a life of your own.. U may not like me but doesnt mean u have to act stupid, just leave my followers and me alone coz i believe no one like u too :) i just wanted to say its not difficult for me to track u down coz my hubby is in the technology line and its not difficult for me to know who u are, but i do not want to waste my time as well as my hubby's time. if u do not like me, u can kindly leave a comment using your own name not not using other people name and email, only childish and coward people do that. Not sure whats the reason for u to do that but i believe there must be something about me that triggers u to do that, so feel free to leave me a comment to solve the unhappiness u had..i am more willing to do so :)

For those that knows me long enough, knows that i am not so stupid to do such childish act, and thanks for being here for me during such bad times. For those that are here for me are friends that u the shunk cant get, heard that ? thanks for leaving me sweet supporting comments guys,u guys are the best :)