Saturday, February 12, 2011

A surprise gift from hubby on our 3rd wedding anniversary

Our fav place for anniversary dinner
Love their cozy place
Is't the light unique?

Some freshly made bread with olive oil and vinegar
Appetizer- prawns (cant rem the dish name)
Escargot Vol Au Vent
Garlic prawn with toasted Bread
Hubby with his Angus Striploin
Me with my Lobster thermidor
Dessert specially made for us
Happy and satisfy look
My special post birthday drink (specially prepared for birthday boy or girl)
Us with Alain (3 years ago she is our wedding organizer, every year without fail we look for her to celebrate our wedding anniversary, now she is in charge of this bistro)
On my way to my mum's place
He is shy in front of my parents therefore he look stern (no hugs allowed in front of parents)

Some of you must be puzzled on why is there a "will u marry me" on my dessert plate since my title of the blog is written our 3rd year anniversary.Stories goes like this, as asian man are kind of conservative with words like honey i love u, or go down on their knees to say will you marry me. And the most common way to ask partner to get married is by saying this " do you want to apply for a house together? My marriage started with this sentence, so once the house is approve and when u got it, u plan to get married, and so my man bypass the proposal steps. And this gestures and a must do proposal is haunting me for 3 years,and i ever did brought up to him that how is it like to have such a romantic proposal with a big big sigh. (after watching TV drama that actor propose to actress).Ladies tell me which woman doesn't wish to have a romantic proposal to rem for a lifetime or a story to tell their grandchildren ..

So on our 3rd year wedding anniversary my hubby Mr Ryan decided to come up with a surprise thumb drive (with his own singing of "Hey there delilah" with the lyrics and name changed), a sweet card while i was out with my colleagues for a Karaoke session in the afternoon. i kind of find him suspicious for doing so many romantic things in a day. So after we've finished our anniversary dinner, a "will you marry me dessert was served on my table, he suddenly go down on one knee with the ring asking me the perfect question "Precious, will you marry me?" and it was served with a bouquet of flowers brought out by the bistro staff. The staff video the whole scene down.Its so romantic that i almost broke into tears. So my story ended here. In the end i love my hubby forever and ever..hahaha

What's in my bag?

This is all that can be found inside my handbag
My Jill Stuart mirror
Coach for my keys
Gucci Keychain from ex working colleague- my departure gift
My makeup pouch
My fav perfume that i cant live without.(a must spray before leaving home)

Just wanna share the basic things that i keep inside my bag when i am off to work or a short shopping trip. Pretty nothing much but i know this is what we wanna peep and find out what are the things in other girls handbag isn't it? So this is mine..

My LV "Trunk & Bags long wallet" series (Limited Edition)
- bought from Paris during honeymoon in 2007
- filled with all my receipt, nuring cert, credit cards, membership cards, cash.

My LV "Trunk & Bags" series coin purse (Limited edition)
- bought from Paris during honeymoon in 2007
- coins, ATM cards, public transport card.

Coach Heritage Stripe small wristlet
-My best friend help me purchase this when she is in new york (i think is year 2006 or 2007)
- Use it to put my house keys, to prevent the key from scratching my handbag.

My pink floral Naraya makeup pouch
-Bought in Bangkok(thailand) in 2008
-Dior spf lipstick
-Nars blush
-Cheek highlight powder for photo perfect look( Japan product)
- A cute DIY mirror from jennifer (Hawaii), i love checking my look once a while
- My sunblock with SPF 50

My Iphone ear piece

My iphone 4 (can't live without)

A bigger Jill Stuart Mirror (Free with e-mook)

My Naraya tissue pouch
- A gift from friend went to went to Bangkok for holiday

My hello Kitty cover with my workplace access card

Sweets (Peach flavor)


Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally a Chanel bag for Valentine's Day!!!

My last min added photos
Surprise surprise!!
Dream come true..maucks!!
My first baby Chanel
Dream come true
Internal look
2 pockets
My friend's chanel (silver hardware)
Isn't this a beauty?
Hers is a single flap
I love love her Chanel in silver
On my way out
Do i look good?hahaa..joking ladies!

Left is silver (my friend's) Gold on the right (Mine)- same size
Sisters side by side
I forgot to take photo of the box.cant wait to take photo
Theres a small black felt cloth to prevent scratches within.
Back View (interior is dark red)
Mine is a double flap
Inside look,theres a small zip pocket on the flap
Rich maroon color
The double C logo
Internal look of the buckle
My Chanel identity card
Camellia flower
Chanel ribbon for the box
Casual look
Me with my find chanel in SHW
Goes well in almost all dresses

Hi babes, would like to share with you my happiness!!!! Yes finally i've got a Chanel jumbo in black caviar with GHW. i have been longing for it for the longest time and its my goal to get it either before turning 30 years old or by 30, A Hermes Birkin by the age 40. And tada finally i have my dream bag. Since i've stop buying all brands of bags these 3 years so i think i deserve something i love right? Hope u enjoy my post and felt happy for me..(i did plan to get a Birkin size 35 instead of the Chanel coz once u buy something with a higher value,u tends to find it more affordable to get a cheaper bag, but i just don't feel right for my hubby to get something that expensive especially when this is not the only purchase he got me within the same month- u will know why when i come up with the next post.)

What i believe is every girl should own a basic Chanel handbag (if u decided to just have the one and only Chanel- choose their classic design and go for the black and not the seasonal design and u are sure to know that it wont go out of date in the future). Chanel will never go on sale and the price will increase every half year or yearly(they just increase their price this Feb), its a bag that u can pass to your daughter in future, if u maintain it well, u will even get to sell it at the higher price (higher than what u bought). So does it make sense to invest in a good quality, bag with a value and something that will not go out of date instead of buying all the other brands that will go on sale every year. My next goal will be a Hermes Birkin before i reach 40, something that the value will increase every year.. hahaha.. I reason i tell my hubby- next time this bag of mine will go to your precious daughter

U can even share with me what u adore best and the reason why. Would really love to hear it from you guys.