Saturday, February 12, 2011

A surprise gift from hubby on our 3rd wedding anniversary

Our fav place for anniversary dinner
Love their cozy place
Is't the light unique?

Some freshly made bread with olive oil and vinegar
Appetizer- prawns (cant rem the dish name)
Escargot Vol Au Vent
Garlic prawn with toasted Bread
Hubby with his Angus Striploin
Me with my Lobster thermidor
Dessert specially made for us
Happy and satisfy look
My special post birthday drink (specially prepared for birthday boy or girl)
Us with Alain (3 years ago she is our wedding organizer, every year without fail we look for her to celebrate our wedding anniversary, now she is in charge of this bistro)
On my way to my mum's place
He is shy in front of my parents therefore he look stern (no hugs allowed in front of parents)

Some of you must be puzzled on why is there a "will u marry me" on my dessert plate since my title of the blog is written our 3rd year anniversary.Stories goes like this, as asian man are kind of conservative with words like honey i love u, or go down on their knees to say will you marry me. And the most common way to ask partner to get married is by saying this " do you want to apply for a house together? My marriage started with this sentence, so once the house is approve and when u got it, u plan to get married, and so my man bypass the proposal steps. And this gestures and a must do proposal is haunting me for 3 years,and i ever did brought up to him that how is it like to have such a romantic proposal with a big big sigh. (after watching TV drama that actor propose to actress).Ladies tell me which woman doesn't wish to have a romantic proposal to rem for a lifetime or a story to tell their grandchildren ..

So on our 3rd year wedding anniversary my hubby Mr Ryan decided to come up with a surprise thumb drive (with his own singing of "Hey there delilah" with the lyrics and name changed), a sweet card while i was out with my colleagues for a Karaoke session in the afternoon. i kind of find him suspicious for doing so many romantic things in a day. So after we've finished our anniversary dinner, a "will you marry me dessert was served on my table, he suddenly go down on one knee with the ring asking me the perfect question "Precious, will you marry me?" and it was served with a bouquet of flowers brought out by the bistro staff. The staff video the whole scene down.Its so romantic that i almost broke into tears. So my story ended here. In the end i love my hubby forever and ever..hahaha


lisa said...

awwww OMG LOVE THIS STORY!! it's soooo super cute :) congrats on finally getting that dream proposal.. your ring is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Michelle Chic said...

aww... this post is sooooo sweet! what a lovely gesture!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

what a beautiful ring, and how sweet of him to finally make that dream of yours come true! awww so lovely!

♥pemb€sinti♥ said...

mutlulukar dilerim canım :) çok güzelmiş alyansın

Idiosyncrasy and FASHION = ME said...

Congrats ... beautiful ring .... i love your blog so interesting and the photos of the food has got me hooked...

Please check out my blog and don't be shy you can follow me if you like it,

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

catching up on my blog reading of urs :). That is sooo sweet :). I didnt know about the asian thing about apply for a house together interesting fact. But I would like the romantic will you marry me thing keke :) doesnt every girl wishes too. Food looks so good!.

Shan x