Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's in my bag?

This is all that can be found inside my handbag
My Jill Stuart mirror
Coach for my keys
Gucci Keychain from ex working colleague- my departure gift
My makeup pouch
My fav perfume that i cant live without.(a must spray before leaving home)

Just wanna share the basic things that i keep inside my bag when i am off to work or a short shopping trip. Pretty nothing much but i know this is what we wanna peep and find out what are the things in other girls handbag isn't it? So this is mine..

My LV "Trunk & Bags long wallet" series (Limited Edition)
- bought from Paris during honeymoon in 2007
- filled with all my receipt, nuring cert, credit cards, membership cards, cash.

My LV "Trunk & Bags" series coin purse (Limited edition)
- bought from Paris during honeymoon in 2007
- coins, ATM cards, public transport card.

Coach Heritage Stripe small wristlet
-My best friend help me purchase this when she is in new york (i think is year 2006 or 2007)
- Use it to put my house keys, to prevent the key from scratching my handbag.

My pink floral Naraya makeup pouch
-Bought in Bangkok(thailand) in 2008
-Dior spf lipstick
-Nars blush
-Cheek highlight powder for photo perfect look( Japan product)
- A cute DIY mirror from jennifer (Hawaii), i love checking my look once a while
- My sunblock with SPF 50

My Iphone ear piece

My iphone 4 (can't live without)

A bigger Jill Stuart Mirror (Free with e-mook)

My Naraya tissue pouch
- A gift from friend went to went to Bangkok for holiday

My hello Kitty cover with my workplace access card

Sweets (Peach flavor)



lisa said...

yay i love what's in your bag posts!!! :)

the inside of your bag is super cute.. i love all your LV goodies!

and the little thing with the pearls i think that's the DIY mirror. so super cute!

Summer Darling said...

@ Lisa- yep the round mirror is specially made by another blogger name jennifer from hawaii..she is super duper sweet to make it for me..

thanks for your compliment dear

With Love, Elle said...

dats a super cute makeup pouch!! looks fluffy hehe
i also did a post on whats in my bag recently, hope u check it out

xoxo elle