Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally a Chanel bag for Valentine's Day!!!

My last min added photos
Surprise surprise!!
Dream come true..maucks!!
My first baby Chanel
Dream come true
Internal look
2 pockets
My friend's chanel (silver hardware)
Isn't this a beauty?
Hers is a single flap
I love love her Chanel in silver
On my way out
Do i look good?hahaa..joking ladies!

Left is silver (my friend's) Gold on the right (Mine)- same size
Sisters side by side
I forgot to take photo of the box.cant wait to take photo
Theres a small black felt cloth to prevent scratches within.
Back View (interior is dark red)
Mine is a double flap
Inside look,theres a small zip pocket on the flap
Rich maroon color
The double C logo
Internal look of the buckle
My Chanel identity card
Camellia flower
Chanel ribbon for the box
Casual look
Me with my find chanel in SHW
Goes well in almost all dresses

Hi babes, would like to share with you my happiness!!!! Yes finally i've got a Chanel jumbo in black caviar with GHW. i have been longing for it for the longest time and its my goal to get it either before turning 30 years old or by 30, A Hermes Birkin by the age 40. And tada finally i have my dream bag. Since i've stop buying all brands of bags these 3 years so i think i deserve something i love right? Hope u enjoy my post and felt happy for me..(i did plan to get a Birkin size 35 instead of the Chanel coz once u buy something with a higher value,u tends to find it more affordable to get a cheaper bag, but i just don't feel right for my hubby to get something that expensive especially when this is not the only purchase he got me within the same month- u will know why when i come up with the next post.)

What i believe is every girl should own a basic Chanel handbag (if u decided to just have the one and only Chanel- choose their classic design and go for the black and not the seasonal design and u are sure to know that it wont go out of date in the future). Chanel will never go on sale and the price will increase every half year or yearly(they just increase their price this Feb), its a bag that u can pass to your daughter in future, if u maintain it well, u will even get to sell it at the higher price (higher than what u bought). So does it make sense to invest in a good quality, bag with a value and something that will not go out of date instead of buying all the other brands that will go on sale every year. My next goal will be a Hermes Birkin before i reach 40, something that the value will increase every year.. hahaha.. I reason i tell my hubby- next time this bag of mine will go to your precious daughter

U can even share with me what u adore best and the reason why. Would really love to hear it from you guys.


lisa said...

you look super cute with your new chanel baby! we're chanel twins.. i have the same jumbo blk caviar w/ ghw.. but my absolute favorite chanel baby is my sparkle and glitter chanel flap.. you can check it out on my blog! i blogged about it in my recent 'what's in my bag post'

Summer Darling said...

hi lisa- thanks for viewing my blog. thats a very nice chanel u own babe!! i am about to do a post on "whats inside my bag" post. and whats my wish list.So stay tuned hun.

sizbelle said...

hi gal, missed talking to you for so long! OH CHANEL! thats my dream bag, ok i still have like 3 more years to work on this target!

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

didnt know the chanel bag had a double flap thats handy tho!