Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travelling is my passion

Yesterday i was having my ice cold chocolate cream chip at Starbucks and realize i have the itch to travel again..thinking back the preparation,the fun reading up on where to sight seeing,where to stay,where to eat,where to shop.How to book flight and accommodation.,what to bring for the holiday,how to read the boarding board in airport,how to get the shuttle when you get to the destination,writing down the small notes on the language you may need to speak with the local while waiting for the flight after checking in,the thrill of buying things at the airport once you've reached and hahaha..of course dashing into one of the store to get a souvenir even though in the rush during the transit.That's what i did when i went to London and Rome..Can't help it..

Came back from home and notice a mail,wow..."promotion from
KLM",fly to any part of Europe during this month and it cost from $775..its a very good deal..cant wait to leave my job and travel i wish i can squeeze in a few weeks to travel,to quench my thirst of flying..i want to visit London again for shopping and explore Amsterdam which i haven;t had a chance to go to..i miss the independent me..Time to plan for my next holiday!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New chapter for me

Think this is the first time i officially blog somewhere out of friendster..kind of nervous but at the same time excited too..thinking of it i can say how i feel without all my friends knowing,getting to have new readers from here other than my own circle of to speak my mind,vent my anger,scold all the @#$%^&* whenever i am piss off,haha..its like a small freedom for i must say....wana know what happen in my life?share my up and downs?

Welcome to the little secret world of summer darling....maucks..Follow my footsteps..