Friday, July 31, 2009

Thanks for the vote!!

Hi dears out there who put in a vote for my blog.... Super big thank you for those that vote my blog for "Super Interesting" Wooo Hoo.. i've score 60%. I am super happy that you guys appreciate and love reading my blog. To those that vote my blog for "Good but can be better" which is 35%, i will put in more effort, it would really help if you guys can let me know on which area i can improve on. hehehe... and the 1 vote (3%) for the "Super Boring", i am so sorry to bored you.
Blogging is a part of my life now, my blog is not about beauty only about it's about my daily life, what i do, what i buy, what i eat, what's my sadness and happiness, its all about sharing...

My new addiction

(LTR:Mexican,Mushroom Chicken and Ham & Cheese)
This pastry store call Pie kia can be found in Ang Mo Kio hub... the buttery smell is strong enough to lure you to them... So far i've tasted 3 flavors out of the 8 or 10 flavors and i still love ham and cheese the most...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Blog Sale!

Blog SALE for clothes (All prices in red): CLICK HERE
Blog SALE for earrings (All earrings at $10): CLICK HERE
Blog SALE for mascara (All mascara going for $12) As written below)
Blog SALE for lipstick (All lipstick going for $8) As written below)

Bourjois mascara in: Black Lumiere Noire (left with 2 only)
Bourjois mascara in: Ultra black (left with 2 only)
Bourjois mascara in: Brun Remix-brown (left with 1 only) *SOLD*
Bourjois mascara in: Absolute Black (left with 1 only)
Bourjois mascara in: Disco blue (left 1)

Bourjois lipstick in: Brun sexy 66 (left 2 only)
Bourjois lipstick in: Pretty nude 61 (Left 2 only) *SOLD *
Bourjois lipstick in: Rose sensuel 63 (left 2 only)

Limited stock only, so email me, first come first serve basis . All prices stated are in SGD (Singapore dollars).Please include postage fee for your items

Mascaras in usd$8.30, euro$5.50, GPD$5
Lipsticks In usd$5.50, euro$3.90, GPD$3.40

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shu Uemura Event

Free mini pouch
Mini tester
My cleansing oil
Goodie bag
Love my lashes?Me with my fruit punchInternational Chief Makeup Artist YUJI ASANO
Started his drawing on his modelFirst 15 VIP got a free makeover by their artistSmall part of their storeThey serve hot tea as well,cute right?The limited editon bottle cleansing oil (6 in total)My new look with red and purple liner at bottom lashes

On Sunday 26th July i went for the Shu Uemura event, supposed to go with one new friend i get to know in blog, name Christel but she is not feeling well on that day so i went alone but hubby is so sweet that he offer to accompany me to the event... There are so many people around, we are being served by waiters with drinks and snacks. Since i am one of the 15 early bird, i get a free complimentary make over.. They didn't do much on me coz i am in full makeup but they did add their new launch eye liner for me using pink and blue to create a purple at the inner corner of my eyes.I myself bought a cleansing beauty oil premium A/O in their limited edition bottle. Thanks for the sponsor by hubby..Oh did i forget to mention?! Does my eyelashes look pretty??? LOL.. what's a Shu Uemura event without Shu Uemura lashes*wink*?

New shopping mall (photo heavy)

Wisma Atria beside ION orchard (shopping mall)
Tangs shopping mall opposite Ion orchard
MAC counter in Sephora
Some food store in basement
Tokyo crepe girl counter in lovely pink
Food court,where all delicious food can be found here
The appearance of the whole mall
LV with a long Q
The entrance of ION shopping center
Some artistic "deco"
Prada is not ready yet for opening
D&G not ready too

Giorgio Armani
Miu Miu
A big big Sephora BUT not all brands are in

This is the latest shopping mall in Orchard (Singapore shopping paradize), name ION orchard, it consist of higher end brands as well as good food and good shops... Just wanna introduce to beauties out there about what new shops we have in Singapore. Sorry that i only post some shop, there are more i guess its impossible for me to put up everything finally have a 2nd Seephora BUT angry that not all brands can be found in here. There is no urban decay, no Nars :( i wish for a Sephora like the one in champs elysee, Paris...So next time if you are heading to Singapore for a holiday remember to pay a visit to ORCHARD ROAD (the whole of shopping area is whole strench all the way from ORCHARD ROAD to SOMERSET to DHOBY GHAUT if u are taking our train call MRT)

Some of the shopping area here:
1) Orchard road ( orchard + somerset + dhoby ghaut)
2) City hall (Raffles city + city hall)
3) Vivocity + Harbour front
4) Bugis Juction + Bugis village
5) Junction 8
6) Jurong point
7) Little India (absorbing indian culture)+ mustafa (open 24hrs)
8) Chinatown (absorbing chinese culture)
9) Holland village (for good food)
10) Sentosa (for some fun)

Interested in ION ORCHARD,just click and view

Monday, July 27, 2009


Yeh this is my outfit for my driving lesson today,green is the theme...simple makeup.. consist of BB cream,blusher,nude lipstick and mascara. Lazy to do a heavy one so this is the easiest and spend less than 5 mins....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My 3rd surprise package!

Hi Sizbelle!!

I've received your package this morning and i was like OMG!! Its the package send me... I love the hello kitty sweets, can thanks both princess for me on my behalf PLEASE? (hugs), too cute for me to eat them...
I wanna say a big big thank you to you for the Hello Kitty lip glosses, they are so cute.. now i know why u say its too pretty to use... both the lip gloss smell soo sooo sweet. THANK YOU SIZBELLE!!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

How well do you take care of your eyes?

My fav eye lotionDirections to bath your eyesHalf cap will do wonders
Bend head forward and rock head from side to side for half a min

As we know eyes are important to us. Other than letting us see the world it is also the window to our soul. So do you take good care of it? Often we only paint them with beautiful colors but what about the inner part? For me i use eye lotion (eye bath) using half cap of solution as above once a day or sometimes 3 times a week to cleanse my eyes... Even though they appears clean but u will never know until you wash them. I was surprise to see a very thin layer of oil on the surface of the cleansing lotion in the cap as well as some small particles floating in it... Due to us exposing our eyes to the environment, dust, makeup particles, mascara, dirt its time for us to bath our eyes and keep them sparkling clean!! Do you take care of your eyes? Share with me!

Answers to my dear readers:

1) No it does not sting your eyes at all, trust me!
2) Open your eyes, cup the cap with lotion (1/3 or 1/2 full) over your eyes,make sure tight enough to prevent the lotion from spilling up, rock your head from left to right slightly (this is to make sure the lotion bathes the eye thoroughly and produce a gentle massaging effect), for me i like to roll my eyes so that the particles or dirts at any corner will be washed out.
3) This lotion comes in 300mls glass bottle. i think there are small bottle
4) Discard 3 months after first opening
5) I cant rem how much this cost but i will find it out by today.
6) I used to have a very bad eye infection after going on holiday in Phuket (from snorkeling in my contact lens and it got contact with salt water),my eyes turns so red that it looks scary, so i used this to wash my eyes and of course not forgetting to see a Dr for medicated eye works

Friday, July 24, 2009

FOTD + DIY bracelets

I put on the ELF blusher that Jennifer bought me
Of course not forgetting my self made bracelet
My new T-shirt
The blusher give my face a natural glow

This 2 bracelets that i created... How do you guys find it? Pretty? This photo (FOTD) was taken this morning at 7am coz I'm getting ready for class.. hahaha.. Do you guys love my T-shirt? its a big red ribbon, nice and simple with a pair of jeans and off i go for class.