Saturday, July 25, 2009

How well do you take care of your eyes?

My fav eye lotionDirections to bath your eyesHalf cap will do wonders
Bend head forward and rock head from side to side for half a min

As we know eyes are important to us. Other than letting us see the world it is also the window to our soul. So do you take good care of it? Often we only paint them with beautiful colors but what about the inner part? For me i use eye lotion (eye bath) using half cap of solution as above once a day or sometimes 3 times a week to cleanse my eyes... Even though they appears clean but u will never know until you wash them. I was surprise to see a very thin layer of oil on the surface of the cleansing lotion in the cap as well as some small particles floating in it... Due to us exposing our eyes to the environment, dust, makeup particles, mascara, dirt its time for us to bath our eyes and keep them sparkling clean!! Do you take care of your eyes? Share with me!

Answers to my dear readers:

1) No it does not sting your eyes at all, trust me!
2) Open your eyes, cup the cap with lotion (1/3 or 1/2 full) over your eyes,make sure tight enough to prevent the lotion from spilling up, rock your head from left to right slightly (this is to make sure the lotion bathes the eye thoroughly and produce a gentle massaging effect), for me i like to roll my eyes so that the particles or dirts at any corner will be washed out.
3) This lotion comes in 300mls glass bottle. i think there are small bottle
4) Discard 3 months after first opening
5) I cant rem how much this cost but i will find it out by today.
6) I used to have a very bad eye infection after going on holiday in Phuket (from snorkeling in my contact lens and it got contact with salt water),my eyes turns so red that it looks scary, so i used this to wash my eyes and of course not forgetting to see a Dr for medicated eye works


jennifer said...

that's so interesting. i have never seen anything like that before.

e. said...

! I've been wanting to get this lotion after i saw it on queenie's (beautyqq on youtube) video!

question! does your eye have to be open?? O_O does it sting at all?
I've been wanting to get this to try it out..also for my mom because she often has allergies and it would irritate her eyes.

how much does the eye lotion cost??

Emily said...

wow...theres even eye lotion :p hehe learned sumthing today :] thats awesom, sweet stuff

DarlingSummer said...

Hi there...yep its a eye bath..time for our eyes to shower too!!