Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hongkong Day 3

Do i look ok in blue lens?
Honey brown contact lens
Baby blue lensBreakfast of the dayOur afternoon snack Mine is steamed milk (hot),hubby is red milk steamed milk (cold)Deco of the modern toilet cafe
Our seats in the cafe
Some of the deco in the cafe
Discover this cute cafe

My banana split
Align CenterSuper hugh portion of shaved ice,enough to feed 4 person
(waitress didnt let us know how big this is)
Soft toy as a decoNight view of the street
Our dinner

spicy chicken wings
Total purchase
(the last 3 clothings are doggy shirt)
My fav shoes (mouse with ears and tail)
Bought from japanese store

Today me and hubby covered most of the shopping malls we can find (station hopping just to visit all the malls we can find and i can only say my leg hurts from the 3 whole days of walking. i found Jill Stuart shops and we waited there for half and hour just for it to be open and i went in happily even though i did not do any purchase..contented enough :)

Out of my purchases i love my mouse shoes the most, don't you find it comes in 3 colors, grey, black and purple,and since i love bright color i chose the purple one.i had another small haul for the day, found something for my dark circle, lashes tonic and detoxifying bath sachets (i use it in my hotel), review of the bath sachets -it does not make you sweat as what the picture shown, its painful when the bath salt dissolve on my skin (its exactly like the soda pop sensation) , making sizzling sound in water when its dissolve.i bought 2 pairs of soft color contact lens on my 2nd day they are like only HK180 for both (which is about SGD$36),it can last be wore for a year,great deal isn't it? i bought it in blue and honey brown.they are super comfortable and i am loving it. H&M in Hong Kong are indeed more expensive and less variety compare to the one in UK. i find that the food in cafe are more expensive than in singapore. A cup of hot beverage cost about SGD$3+ when over here it cost less than SGD$1. A simple meal cost us about SGD$11 (around,plus minus but beware their portion of food are hugh). Things there are not really cheap and most of the things can be found in Singapore therefore i did not do big haul but over all i still love going there, food are super yummy and i love the cold weather..Hong Kong is a city of life and light, so vibrate and lively. Their last train service of the day is till 1am can you believe it?

there are more photos to show but i am running out of i choose part of it,hope you guys enjoy viewing :)


rae630 said...

Hello, my dear!! I'm enjoying your Hong Kong pictures! Thank you for sharing! I think the blue lenses look very nice on you! You are too cute!!! Sorry, I've been MIA from blogging, been feeling sick lately, I have no energy!!! Thank you again for my love package! Miss ya!!! <3 Rina

*~kAy~* said...

i've heard about that restaurant before :)
how were the seats? :P

I think you look cute with blue lenses <3

Kasia_B said...

looks like you're having a really good time!!
i love the pics, thank you for sharing :)

Sandra said...

A lot of cool pics and a lot of cool things:)

Emily said...

wah!!! great stuff, and u look soo sooo pretty

i wish i had colored lens :)

hmm..and the food looks so so good, i wanna banana split

Summer Darling said...

@ rina..oh no u are sick :( ? take good care yah rina..hope you recover real quick!! thanks for the compliment hun..glad you love what i send you.

@ kay- the seats are comfortable its PVC cushion on the toilet bowl..Very cool hahaha..thanks for the compliment hun

@ sarah- thanks for going through my blog hun

@ emily- thanks for the compliment darling,i have been eating non stop ever since i reach there.hahaha..

@ kasia_B- i had the greatest time there and i am glad you enjoy it :)

L said...

was bloghopping and saw your blog.
love your contacts! you look so nice in them!! care to share where in hk you got them? will be visiting hk next week! and how's the weather like?


kalai said...

aww. i miss hk^^ ive never even been to that jill stuart store! i must go next time~
lol the toilet restaurant is funny. but the food wasnt all that~~

btw you look great with blue lenses^^ i want some too~~ xx