Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Day 2

Getting ready for a brand new day
Kowloon Station
Finally get to see vivien westwood store in HK
Lets take these 2 gigantic LV home
swaroski crystal covered benz
Admiring the view

Cute display along the pavement of avenue of stars
Colorful LV store
Mango dices with nana de coco and ice cream
Peach pudding
I wanna try the slurpee from macdonald
My haul of sample products
Macdonald fanta slurpee with blueberry ice cream
Hubby have to Q for this snack (see below)
Famous yummy snack on streets
Chicken porridge and steam rice flour
Smelly beancurd with chilli sauce
Coach at night
Align Center4 storeys H&M including jimmy choos shoes
My first and ever LUSH purchasesMy H&M haulMy haul for the day

So cold but i still can tolerate therefore u see me wearing skirt for the whole day.. search for my first H&M store and i found my first one in silvercord (for my whoLe 5 days i visited the 6 stores they have in HK). This is my first time purchasing Lush bath bombs and i am so so happy,the soap are consider pricey (about $11 onwards for each) i bought it to try in my hotel bath tub and i am so in love with it. the smell is heavenly.. i mix sex bombs with karma, too bad i do not have a bath tub at home therefore i did not buy back to singapore, but never mind, at least i've tried it. In HK i get to find NARS, JILL STUART, LUSH,VIVIEN WESTWOOD (I didnt not buy any,i know i know i am stupid..now i am asking myself y didnt i get anything from them :( ,at the moment i was like,i am lucky enought to see how they look like so theres no need to get my hands on coz i have way to much makeup to clear but now i am here regretting,hehee...


Vanilla said...

wow !all those street snacks !lol
and hnm and lush !Seriously didnt know HK is that good !lol
aww now u regret
no worry,THERES always next time

sizbelle said...

i put on some weight just by seeing ur food pics!

ya i shop at bonjour in HK too, fab items for my trips too. They got LUSH in HK, ok i miss that!

H&M, i miss that as well!

too bad out HDB flat dun have enuf space for bath-tub otherwise you would haul big rite!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i'd been to the dessert shop too! their desserts are all yummy :)
too bad you didn't buy any JS. i just got them. they are so pretty! :D

Anonymous said...

all those snacks look so yummy! and the streets so beautiful, I hope you are having a great time. take care &love!

Jhoy said...

you are having a blast!!!! love your photos. heheh =]

Jhoy said...

you are having such a blast! lucky girl! heheheh =]

adin_22 said...

aww...How come HK's H&M has those Hello Kitty cosmetics...I didn't find that here...

Suzi said...

It looks like you had fun! =) did you enjoy it? I miss HK so much =(
ahh the street snack is my boyfriends favourite hehe ^^
Wow even I haven't been to the H&M in hk just because Its so expensive comapred to UK boo. Come to London! =D xxx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Great pics and haul! :) I miss HK.

Dylana said...

Lovely blog!


Summer Darling said...

@ sizbelle- you are right,i wish i can buy back those soap from LUSH..Its like about $11 per piece.next time u should go and have a huhg haul there..there are 6 outlet of the H&M Too

@ vanilla- there are food and dessert everywhere in HK.will never go hungry there.Think you will love it.

@ Jhoy-thanks hun :)

@ kittie kat- i had a great time for this trip,thanks love

@ Dina-yep i regret not getting JS..haiz..wasted,maybe next time..hehehe

@ suzi- yah i had the greatest time there,the variety is so small compare to the outlet in London and as u said expensive!! will meet you up if i am going to London again ok? deal?? street food in HK is awesome.i miss the steam egg and steam milk

@ Shop n Chomp- i miss hong kong now too

@ adin-hahaa maybe different h&m got different items,i think so

@ Dylana- thanks dear :)