Monday, November 23, 2009

My hong Kong trip day 1

Me waiting at Changi Airport to board our flight
So happy to go for holiday
Nice view from the plane
Finally we've reach!!!
On our express train to the city

Our hotel roomOur bathroom
Our first drink in HK
My hubby first HK meal
My first HK meal
Our first station-stanley market
The well known beach at stanley market
Back to our hotel for a quick showerWe had our dinner here (Forest gump restaurant)Super crispy onion rings-slurp
My seafood bake rice
Cajun prawns
Our table filled with food
Cute tag for calling the waiter
Cute tag for not calling the waiter
Aaron kwok is looking at me at mdm tussauds
I am a queen too
Mdm Tussauds and me
Beautiful Hong Kong view
Me in Hong Kong Mdm Tussauds
Our tram tickets down to the city
My mini haul for the day
I bought a tag from Bubba Gump (i collect these tags)
Photos taken in Mdm Tussauds
Photos taken from the peak

My day 1 in Hong Kong, we reach Hong Kong about 11.30am so after checking into out hotel and out we go roaming around Hong Kong, its freezing cold, its about 12 degree Celsius when we reach and all i pack to Hong Kong are dresses and they do not keep me warm at all, luckily i brought my boots, at least my feet are warm and happily doing all the walking.. hehe.. These are the places (above) we went and i cant download all the photos coz for the 5 days trip i took about 1000+ photos, hehe i know u can call me mad for taking so much pictures but i love looking at them coz they can bring back this memory of my Hong Kong friend camera and hand phone was stolen in Hong Kong i feel sad for him... ohh u saw the F cup cookies? its a hit in Japan and i have been wanting to try it ever since i saw it in somewhere (cant rem where), it taste ok and doesn't seems to do much to my boobs too.. but never mind at least I've tasted before right? i bought it in chocolate taste. i bought 2 magnets (something i always buy when i travel so that i can stick them on my fridge door)


Vanilla said...

awww i love ur eye makeup !
eek that onion rings looks so yummy and crunchy !lol
show us ur haul !LOLL

amynaree said...

wow looks like you had so much fun!! love the food pics

Leann said...

Wowie, a trip to Hong Kong! How fun! The food looks delicious, yummy. *___* And I like your outfit, you look so cute!

adin_22 said...

looks like you had so much fun.....OMG, u tried the F-cup cookie..haha...

Babybubblz said...

LOL at the cookies. They are cute =)
I love taking a zillion pictures on every trip too, u can always delete them so you can never take too many.

*~kAy~* said...

how fun!!! <3
and look at all the food!!! <3

haha.. i've always wondered about those f-cup sweets :P

MEii said...

i only been to hk once but that was like almost ten years ago. lol

have a great trip!

jennifer said...


sizbelle said...

your pics make me want to go back HK again! i love the place so much, the food, culture, ppl and of course SHOPPING!

they have better price for shopping compare to singapore so i never get bored and will continue to go there again next yr.

is it.. its ok de lar you can still get it next time if i get to go there. Jill Stuart always have special collection so its never end buying.

how are you too, hasn't heard from you since the last mail...