Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hongkong Day 5 (Home Sweet Home)

View from my hotel
All set to explore my last day in HKOne of the train station
See how nice they deco the train stationFinally we ate the most authentic dim sum in this restaurantSee the menu? i have the hard time figuring what dish they haveSteam carrot cake
A lot of rich customers behind meFried spring rollsSiew mai , har kow and a pot of chinese teaa very steep steps Bubble tea
I finally tried this noodle,i love it,so yummy
Mixed 3 ingredient of your choice-i choose cucumber,prawn and egg
Po lo bun
Egg tartOur last meal in Hong Kong
My dog's shirt
My total mini haul
I spend my last drop of penny in disneyland store in the airport
See how cute the earrings are
From disneyland store (airport)

The dim sum restaurant is super expensive these 4 dishes and a pot of tea cost us about sgd$30+, we cant seem to find those cheap one when we need one.but the food is so tasty,no wonder there are so many rich customer having their dim sum there, some went there in Rolls Royce. We explore many places like the gold fish street,a market that sell lots of clothes,shoes,boots,cap, manicure services,sleep wear,toys and bags and i went back to the store that sell contact lens,this time i bought 2 pairs of grey and black. We went to disneyland store in the airport (since we have about 2 hours to shop there),i spend every single hong Kong cents there. I miss the cold weather there,not forgetting the food and shopping :)


Ken said...

looks like it was raining a lot. =(

sizbelle said...

guess thats the price to pay for eating really authentic food... sure taste nice..

i love shopping in their little alley, lotsa surprise. I din explore about contact lens there maybe i should get my 1st colored one from my next HK trip.

me too splurge on my last penny on disneyland stuffs as its so accessible in the airport. even though i bought some while exploring disneyland...

Dina (XYYan) said...

i'm craving for dim sum now, gonna have to eat soon :D
i've tried the noodles too and it's really yummy!
your dog must be really happy with those cute shirts :)

Vanilla said...

omg whats that noodle?looks so yummy !
omg thanks for posting,didnt know hongkong has so many to offer !haha

evie said...

ooh very nice haul!! i wanna go hk someday...and food galore! XD

adin_22 said...

wow...u hauled a lot....& I miss dimsum....I haven't eaten dimsum for a while now...:(