Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love package from Suzi

See all these goodies..*faint*
So many sleek items,so so happy
Awesome isn't it
Lovely lipstick suzi got me
My sweet letter
So cute!!!

Sorry for the late late post ever, i have been trying to blog as much as i can coz i am way behind time in blogging,i have so many things to blog,about my haul recently and all the nice things I've received from some awesome dears. One of it is Suzi who is so so sweet in helping me get Sleek eye shadows that I've been wanting to own, she manage to get me 2 palette that i wish to have including the lip balm.. she adds in additional blusher, lipstick, eye lashes, samples for me as a birthday present, isn't she a sweetheart?! I love love eye single thing and i cant wait to play with all these makeups..will do a LOTD (look of the day) if i can yah.. so stay tuned!

**For those that leave me comments on my previous post, please read through my reply comments from me to you, i've always reply comments whenever i can. Even if i did not reply you please reassure that i've always take time in reading really make my day.thanks for all the comments :) hope to see more of it soon !


sizbelle said...

suzi is really sweet to send you this lovely package.. i want to try out the sleek series too.

quick do a FOTD and tell me if its good as its raved?

Lorelle said...

Very lovely loot you recieved there!

Kittynail said...

Great goodies!!! I want those too :D

Anyways check out my blog too if you want!