Friday, August 28, 2009

Random post

Traditional cream cake
Momo entertaining himself with a bunch of string
Side of the car
Front of the car
A hello kitty car
Align CenterSee how cute the way the cat sleep
A cat sleeping on the food center chair
Macdonald caramel and green apple ice cream
Chempedak fruitSee the juicy fruit inside

Strawberry ice creamVanilla filling
Yogurt flavor sweet from Japan store
Giant poster on our train station wallWanna have the biggest magnum?
Taken in our train station
Shelter under the tree on a rainy day

Some cute photos i've taken recently using my iphone,no topic just simply for viewing leisure. Enjoy!

Chempedak-> some people fried them using flour batter.yum!


Yelena R. said...

Random posts are the best...especially the ones that have food pictures!

Tamara said...

hahaa u took pictures of of two butterflies having sex! :D

And omg is that your car?! *worship*

That ice cream (algida) is my fav ever... mmmmmmm!

Emma said...

omg that magnum is enormous! Bet I could eat it all though :P x

Anonymous said...

What?! That's crazy cool, your Mc'D's have those ice cream flavors?

The Hello Kitty on the car is super cute!

adin_22 said...

Oh,That HK car is so kawaii!!!:D...Summer, I still hadn't received the package...but That's ok...I'm goin to wait for a while..have a goodnight...

Anonymous said...

oh my:(
i thought i am not going to see something to drool for...

nice post:)

Summer Darling said...

@ Tamara-oh thats not my car,only happen to see it at the car park,so i thought it would be nice to take photo of it..there are lots of people who deco their car with spray and decal.:)

@Emma-love their advertisement too,treated very "royally" too..

@LMX-Yep our macdonald here have tons of flavor for the mcflurry and soft swirl

@Nicola-no worry, i email u earlier.

@Janeuarymmiv-sorry i try not to post too much of food in here..afraid you guys will hate me..hahaha..

bunee said...

ewww what the heck are those bug things ?! :S lolol . & how cute is that little bow on the side of the hello kitty car ?! its so cute, it almost makes me want to puke !!!

and lastly, the main reason why im commenting .. where in the world can i get those mcdonald ice cream ?!?!? esp. the green apple icecream ! omg canadian mcdonalds seriously needs to step up, its kinda making me angry ! lol .

Summer Darling said...

Hi Bunee!!
We have tons of flavored ice cream in macdonald be it the mcflurry or soft swirls.don't be mad...i will write in to canadian mcdonalds on your behalf,hahaha

Kaylee said...

mmmh makes me want to eat ice cream *drool*