Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 more days!!!

3 more days to the closing date (31st august) of my first giveaway... Take part in the contest now!! Who knows? you might just be lucky enough to win the prize... Spread the words to your friends, bloggers, followers who u think might be interested.Check out my side bar to see who took part in the contest as well as to find out how to take part.

Click --->HERE to find out more,or click on any gifts on the side bar to find out more.

If you cant take photos of your bag collections, its ok. Just make a guess of my age and leave a short description on how you think of me (first impression) IN YOUR BLOG, not forgetting to add in a link to my blog. Send me your blog link under my comment to inform me that u took part in my contest or chatbox, so that i will not miss anyone of you out..

Take you so much to all the lovely ladies who took part in my first giveaway..really really appreciate the time and effort to do a post on it and showing me your support in my giveaway. I hope no one felt hurt or disappointed if u did not win anything,there will be more chance coming up ok? Summer hereby give everyone a BIG HUG of appreciations.THANK YOU LADIES..*Maucks* Good luck!! *winks*

Gentle reminder:
Closing date 31st August 12mn singapore time.


adin_22 said...

I know I'm late but gonna post my entry before the deadline....:)I just got so busy are u???

Summer Darling said...

got a bit buzy this few days too coz of the renovation and servicing going on in my house :)