Monday, February 22, 2010

My Laneige Haul

My new 3 items that add to my skin care collection
Here they are
My favourite!!!!! *both thumbs up*
This smells so nice that i cant miss applying them on my face every am/pm
See what it can do for u
My favorite mask at the moment
Direction of usage
A hit in Singapore now
Short and sweet information
All this are mine
Free samples

I was doing a little shopping with my colleagues in Orchard 3 days back and i saw this counter which sells the korean brand products call "LANEIGE". The water sleeping pack EX is the latest advertisement on TV promoting how hydrating this product can be therefore i am so tempted to try, i went to find out more and end up with addition 2 product which is the strawberry yogurt peeling gel which is so gentle when u use it to scrub your face without leaving your skin dry,all dead skin can easily be removed in sec which is amazing.

My own review based on my skin:

Strawberry yogurt peeling mask:
  • Smells awesome
  • Gently on skin
  • Skin felt smooth after scrubbing
  • No tight sensation
  • No redness seen after using
  • No breakout the next day
  • Lots of dead skin seen after scrubbing
  • Pink in color
Clear C Effector:
  • Smells so nice (i swear!!!)
  • After applying this my skin feel so fresh and hydrated
  • Claims to be a first step on skin for better absorption of your normal routine steps
  • Brighten the skin
  • A booster for transparent looking skin
  • Serum like texture
  • Not sticky
  • Absorb into your skin real quick
Water sleeping pack EX
  • The last step to apply this before u sleep
  • Skin do look more hydrated in the morning
  • Not sticky at all
  • Smell not really addictive
  • Skin do feel slightly brighten (give me more time to see if it works)
  • Best product to be applied on face if u sleep in Air con room at night or those that has winter season coz it will provide extensive hydration to your skin.


MilknCookiie said...

I love Laneige packaging! I can't wait to finish my old Water Sleeping Pack so I can get the repackaged one. haha. :D The booster sounds so nice!

♥ Milk

Tracy said...

I like both the products you have gotten too! =)

Kalmo said...

What haul! I always wanted to try their stawberry pack and water sleeping mask... your review only makes me want it more ^^

rae630 said...

ohhh! i'm obsessed with laneige!!! i've been using their products for almost 10 years now (gosh, i feel old). i love how everything smells soooo good! how are you, my dear? miss u!!! <3 Rina

Jessy said...

i luv their water sleeping pack, and their strawberry yogurt feeling gel, best exfoliator evr~~~great hual~~~

Serena said...

LANEIGE!! I love the Strawberry yogurt peeling mask!! I just used it last night. I have a sample of the Water Sleeping Pack but never got around to using it. I think I will try it soon. Do you notice a difference after one use or...?

Miss Tiff said...

I love laneige! I only used the yoghurt one but it smells really good. I just want to eat it! it's so rare to find laneige products in australia :(

ipehishere said...

nice ! never try laneige before ur review make me want to try it :)

Summer Darling said...

Hi ipehishere- try them they are really good and i am surprise so many people used it like years before give it a try girl!!

Miss Tiff- Their product is one of the best i've used so far,gentle and yet effective,did i just forget to mention the smell is so nice..haha..

Serena- i find that the peeling mask really makes a difference to my face,it felt smoother compare to without use.And best of all.the price,its much cheaper compare to other brands

Thanks Jessy!

Kalmo- u should try it!!

Rina--u used their products for 10 years?? i didnt really know this product until recently..oh gosh i am too slow :( i am fine darling miss u too...but i have been visiting your blog and waiting for your update

Slowbrogal said...

Wow! Very good reviews!! I love Laneige products too. Clear C effector works as a toner? or serum?
Feel free to visit my blog too. :))

Jessying said...

i love their product simply because the prices are affordable and the smell is so nice ! And yeh it's a very gentle products :)