Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My volunteer work at animal shelter

The dogs love treats
Checking their fur for ticks or fleas
They are waiting for me to give them treats
My hubby giving them biscuits
See how attentive they are

See how Hyper love his treats
Hi guys, sorry that i have been away for some time. Wanna share this post with u guys, even though its not beauty related but something i find it meaningful. I went to an animal shelter called "Madam Wong Shelter" to be a volunteer. Something about Madam wong that my heart went out to her is, she sold her house in order to make this shelter for the strays,without any financial help from the government and public, she is being so selfless and doing everything she can to give the animal a chance to live. She rescue out 9 cats using $1000 in order for them not being put to sleep. With so many cats and dogs she is keeping, i wonder if she can make ends meets. A little something that i can do is to donate a small sum to her (a little something that can help lessen her burden). Due to the hot weather i am unable to walk them and due to the cut off timing for the water supple between 1pm to 5pm, i cant bath them but i spend my 5 hours there playing with them, patting them, stroking them, they love our company. At the same time i am helping to find fans that are still in working condition so that the dog can use in such a hot weather and of course not forgetting donations, sponsership for animals supply like shampoos,medications for ticks and fleas dogs treats.I post up lots of shout out using facebook, hopefully i will get some good news.Pray hard for me yah!


kimber doll said...

Awww, that's so nice of you!
I would love to find the time to do something like that. I think it would be really fun and rewarding!
I'm following you now, check out my blog and follow me back if you want! =)

AVY said...

Aaw, adorable little dogs. Give me one?

ayn said...

aww... that is so nice :) i always wanted to volunteer in an animal shelter but because of my busy schedule i don't really know how to add it on my already busy sked :( its really a great feeling to help these helpless animals and let them feel that they are loved :)

since i can't volunteer i do give donations instead like food :)

Lovangeles said...

j'aime les chiens! i like your blog