Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Rapunzel Rapunzel hair extension is here!!

Yeh yeh yeh...thanks Mr postmanWow..i am definitely letting my hair downComes in a neat boxRead the instructions :)I ordered it in #6 light brownUnder flash lightComes in 6 parts

After having fun with clip on hair extension with my Japanese curl (synthetic hair) and watching my all time favorite Youtube gurus using Rapunzel Rapunzel clip on hair extensions, i decided to give it a try with real hair extension. I can list a whole lot of good points of using real hair extension such as u are able to wash it, perm it, dye it, straighten it with straighter, curl it with curler, comb it and even use hair products on it, isn't it awesome?? I swear that their service is first class and the price of it is consider affordable, their pre and post sale support is efficient. I email them umpteen times asking them for advice on the color i should get in order to match mine, asking them when i will received it, asking them the difference of Euro and Remi hair and they are so nice to explain to me, sending me reassurance, giving me advice on the color and they never fail to reply me in like half an hour (i email them most of the time at around 11.30PM GMT+8). I am super impressed with their service and the quality of the hair. It is super soft and smooth and i love how it adds length and volume to my head.. Maybe i will do a post on before and after (straight hair look and curly look). If u are looking of clip on hair extension, try Rapunzel Rapunzel and u will be glad u are paying it for something worth your $$.

Go check out their site now--->
Rapunzel Rapunzel


Vanilla said...

put it on!

wanna see!
btw i emailed u!
btw i dont think i can meet this week,sorry!
u can arrange anytime because im having one week holiday so im just gonna fit to karen and ur schedule!:D

Mary said...

wow!!! nice color too!..wanna see it on you sooo please post pictures with your extensions when u get a chance.

My hair is really short so i might have to wait and cut it again to make it even in the back..... =( before i could try extensions.

Mary said...

oh ya before i forget..... do u recommend for first time user to buy online?. I am scared that it might not look good on me or i might not know how to put it correctly.and i don't know wanna a waste my money if i dont like it. I heard that I should buy it in store.

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

i just checked out the site and they are surprisingly affordable like you said! what is the difference b/w Euro and Remi, if you don't mind me asking? i would love to see a before and after photo :D thanks for sharing this girl! xx

Kim and Roxanne said...

How exciting!

tasha2307 said...

is this remi or euro

Julie Morad said...

My hair is pretty curly, and I've been looking for so long for a solution to have straight hair tips. I just placed an order for my own Rapunzel and i can't wait to try it out! thanks for your recommendation :)