Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clip on hair tutorial

My ugly coz i never tidy/dry thoroughly * hahahaha*
clip half of your hair up
See the 5 cute clips *hair looks golden under the flash light*
Up close look of the hair clips
(Without flash the hair is brown)
Clip all the 5 clips onto my real hair
Upclose of the clip on extension
Without flash light and a full view of the hair
Let go of the top half of my real hair
Finish look without flash light
These are the small side clips (for the side of the hair)
The curls look too glossy with flash light :(
Done and u can go out for some fun

See how easy to have hair extension,no more waiting for your hair to reach desire length, no need to worry about bad hair cut, bad hair day, no more perming your own hair,.You can go out in the day with long straight hair and perm hair at night, all u need is hair extension or wigs to do the trick..Try to get real hair as they look more natural and easier to maintain...If u guys know where to get those real hair extension,leave me a comment would love to review it..Hope you guys enjoy my post!!


Life of Temptation said...


Your hair looks cute short too though!<3


Vanilla said...

awwww love it!!hehe
both short and long hair suits u!!:)

Summer Darling said...

Hi vanilla- thanks!! actually i prefer short hair but once in a while i need long hair to make me feminine.

Hi life of temptation- thanks!!

Lu said...

I love your hair extension posts! I've never had them before but I would like curly ones! x

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

ot looks so nice on you...I kinda need hair extension...cuz' hubby just murdered my hair...

Kalmo said...

Your hair looks so pretty, the clips on are very natural and glamorous.

Mary said...

omg!!! you sooo cute!!! =).... i have been thinking about getting wig or extension since my hair is short right now. Im trying to grow it out .... it looks good on you.... where did you buy it? thanks for following my blog.

kalai said...

you look so pretty~ the colour is perfect! it looks great~ xx

Summer Darling said...

Thanks to all the comments darlings.

To Mary: i bought them in a shop in town,they have the extension in curly (like mine) straight, and wavy..its nice to change hair style whenever we like :) its easy and fun without damaging our hair :)