Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Changing my looks again!

All u need are these
All u need is a fringe for this look
Want fuller curl? add this clip on extension
Does it look natural?
Be a doll for a day
Loving it so much
See how natural and pretty

Hi guys!!!.. shock to see my long sexy hair suddenly? After viewing suzi vids i am addicted and i mean heavily addicted!!!! super addicted that i wish to have long beautiful hair.. i used to go for hair extension using the braiding method and it causes hugh damage to my real hair coz they got tangled and i lost lots and i mean LOTS of hair during the removal process and i swear that i will never ever do it again, until suzi inspired me that there are such things as clip on hair extension but its difficult to find real hair extensions here and i am so lucky to find these website that sells different wigs,fringe and clip in hair extension over here in Singapore, the lady boss is very pretty and Also very helpful too, she explains on how to use these clip on and encourage me to try them before deciding which one suit me best. These clips on are synthetic hair therefore they look too perfect and glossy but i swear they look really natural without the flash. I grab myself a fringe, a full piece clip on Japanese style big curl and 2 small size big curl (for the side). All i want is different hairstyle without cutting, perming my hair. LOL.. Currently I am now looking for clip on human hair that matches my hair color and hopefully able to get them real soon :)

In my next blog i will do a tutorial on how to clip these extensions so wait up guys!!


Life of Temptation said...

Ahhhhh, I loveee the longg hair:D It loooks soooo naturalllll!!!!<3 Very cute babe!!!

donnarence said...

wow!! i love it.. it made you look like a doll and it really looks natural

charmed-chick said...

i love your exstensions did they come already curled or did you do it yourself :)

Summer Darling said...

Hi charmed-chick -- the extension comes curled,they comes in straight,wavy and curly :)