Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gift from colleague

(This post is supposed to be posted up before christmas but i am just too plan lazy..sorry sorry!!!) Gonna show you my sweet colleague who gave me tons of things. So sweet of her to give me so many items, It felt like early christmas and i love everything she gave me :)

2 tubes of BB cream
Compact powder
Loose Powder
2 Slimming gel
1 hair products (Lucidol)

***Next post my haul for this few months,so stay tuned!!!***


May said...

Lots of goodies:) Can't wait to see your hauls.

rae630 said...

my darling summer!!! i miss you! i haven't really watched anything with rainie in it. i will definitely check it out!!! <3 Rina

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh how sweet of her! & I also still have stuff from Christmas that I need to post too! LOL