Friday, September 2, 2011

Loch Ness,Highland and GlenCoe (Scotland)

My breakfast while waiting for the bus to pick us up
Lazying under the morning sun
Its a super big lake

A friend name Denise (solo backpacker from Argentina)that i get to know on this trip

This place i went to is a beautiful beautiful place in Scotland, took a Day trip to join this tour and i can only say its totally worth it. Loch ness is a place i always wanted to visit, who doesn't know Loch Ness monster?? Its so famous and a legend that even thou i know its not true i just wanted to go.. All the interesting story that the guide told us made a deep impression of all the things we pass by. The scenery is breath taking if i have a chance i would love to stay there longer to do all the trekking and stuff... Scotland shall we see each other again.

Would love to show all the photos but cant possible load everything in blog,therefore i manage to choose some beautiful ones here. I took almost 1000+/- everyday throughout my 2 months trip. So most of it is loaded in my face book..Travelling is my passion, being a female solo backpacker is my courage and independence to overcome all fears and be totally in charge of myself. I can only say i made it and i am proud of myself and i have fulfill one of my dream.


♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

you was in scot1. land!? you look like u had so much fun. Your dream is inspiring, being brave, being own person and having the freedom and meeting people along the way rather than going with a person or group which secludes yourself within that group.

Miss Cortni said...

i like your creepy voodoo doll thing - haha it reminded me of lilo and stitch :) your blog is cute and i love that you blog your travels (i do also) i'm following now :)

- <3