Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My best early birthday present for 2009! (super pic heavy)

My hugh hugh early birthday present
The happy going-to-be-birthday girl
See the dimension of the big box?
Mail using express mail
This box is bigger and taller than the normal size of magazine
Whats inside the big box?Whats inside the bubble wrap?3 goodies bags filled with surprisesNice makeup pouch right?its from VS!
Look at the cute VS zipper
See the goodies inside this pretty makeup pouch?
My dream (from my previous blog entry:)
My first VS paper bag
What's inside?
See this bag is filled with goodies!!
make up and lotions
My every first VS eye shadow
My dream lip balm in a cute tin
Close up look of everything
Don't u wish for present like this?
Nice right?
1 bag filled with sleepwear,one bag contain a bag!
See the happy me?
I love love this dress alot! very me,coz i love such dresses!!
Grey sleep wear that is so comfy and soft
100% silk pants,u should own this!
I love this pyjamas sleepwear setCute girlish shorts that i totally love it,very me!!
(sorry about the tag inside my shorts :P)
Lime green sleepwear100% Silk shorts which is totally comfortable
A big bag which i love,coz they can fill up my daily essential
These lotions smell so heavenly!!
Totally fall in love with it
Victoria's secret lotions
My dream items (eye crayons)
My first Beauty rush lip glosses

Ever feel surprise and touched when receiving your birthday present, no i should say early birthday present? Yes, happy and touched when i received it at the main
Singpost today. I was surprise to see this hugh, enormous box carried out from the rack by the staff. I am thinking to myself, this cant possible be mine! YES it is indeed MINE... when i saw the name on the box i knew this girl spoilt me again with her generous items she got for me. Do you know who i am referring to? She is Charina,the girl that never fails to surprise me (she surprise me once with her hand made piggies that brought tears to my eyes)..hehe...U will know how much she pamper me after seeing what she got for me :) This sweet dear that send this big box of goodies fill with Victoria's Secret items which i always dream to own... instead of buying me 1 item that make my dream come through, she got me the most amazing stuff from lotions to cosmetics to pouches to bags to pyjamas to paper bags!!!!!! i am giggling like a small girl while i explore all these OMG stuffs... i cant thank you enough Rina, coz u are my little fairy that make my dream come true and make me a happy woman. Thanks for your early present to me even though my birthday is in November! U really make my 2009 birthday a special one :)

Oh yes, if u find that i look weird that is becoz i cut my fringe, i have natural curl so my fringe tends to curl up when they are long,i got piss off with it therefore i cut it short (i usually have short fringe, sorry if u find it awful, least its easier to maintain)

Thank You RINA!!!


Anonymous said...

wow amazing:(( im so jealous

god bless:)

all were really adorable

love it
happy bday:)

amynaree said...

wow! such nice stuff!! that is a really big box of vs goodies! hope you enjoy them all you deserve it :)

rae630 said...

yay! you got your gift!!! that was fast! i'm so embarrassed i didn't even include a birthday card or love note!!! again, i was so excited about packing it and sending it off. hahaha. you know i luv ya!!! everything looks soooo cute on you! you know, the set that came with the the little cosmetic bag had a lip balm, it melted and was super gross (like someone at the store tried it, and all the sets' lip balms looked like that), so i made the decision to chuck it. Super Early Happy Birthday and enjoy! <3 Rina

Kalmo said...

Wow what a super awesome blogger gift! Happy early birthday Summer. Enjoy all your new goodies. :)

Serena said...

nice bday presents ! god all VS !yummyyy
omg the blush is so pretty !!:)
i got some shorts also from forever21 but im pretty sure those arent

*~kAy~* said...

So nice of Rina to get you all of those goodies! <3
She is so sweet! :)

With Love, Elle said...

oh my, such goodies! aussie dont have VS as well! happy bday summers!!!!

xoxo elle

sizbelle said...

rina is indeed sweet to send you this early b'day gift and wow all from VS stuffs.. their lotion are one of the nice smelling ones which i love... and she spoiled you with the cosmetic case!...

hope you enjoy ur early b'dae gift!

adin_22 said... sweet of're such a lucky girl to have a friend like her....that's a lot of VS stuff....I never had a vs haul that huge in my life...

Summer Darling said...

i am one lucky girl all becoz of charina!! its a hugh amount of VS stuff and my first VS stuff..

@adin_22- i am really to have friend like her but of course not forgetting u and many of the girls i've known from here.yah i've never own anything from VS until now :)

@Sizbelle-Yah Rina is super duper sweet.oh mine,talk about the lotion,they smell heavenly!! i engoy every single things :)

@Elle-thanks elle!!

@kay-yah..rina is so sweet!

@serena- oh that is a eyeshadow (if u mean the quad),its very pretty isnt it?Everything is from VS and i love love them :)

@Kalmo-thanks hun!!! *blush*

@Rina-oh my.Rina u are the best.thanks for these awesome birthday gift set!!

@Amynaree- thanks so much love..yah..its a big box of goodies..hahaha

@janeuarymmiv-thanks hun

Princesa Livia said...

WoW! THat's ONe awesome present! I'm drooling over all your goodies lol. <3