Monday, June 29, 2009

Momo 1st birthday

(mummy prepare a picnic basket for me)
(Its my celebration today)
(Dog event)
(i know so many friends here)
(My new friend)
(Nice poodle and jack rusell)
(Goodie bag)
(My first birthday cake)(Is my birthday cake nice?)
(See i am smiling)(I am making a wish)(I feel so full eating my birthday cake)(My pinata and me)
(Daddy,mummy and me)
(I am so tired after playing with new friends)
(My birthday venue, west coast park, i'm the birthday boy)
(My mummy give me a hug)

Its my son first birthday and i hope he is happy therefore instead of celebrating for him at home, we brought him to west coast park where there is a dog event, he had fun there, getting to know other dogs. I bought him freshly bake biscuits, muffins and elcairs but he got no appetite because he is having fun watching other dogs.. wish Mimi was there with us that day... anyway we had a fun day.


rae630 said...

awww! i like the picture of him making a wish! hahahaha!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Hi Rina,
i am surprise too to caught him blinking when i am trying to take his really looks like he is making a wish..LOL..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

aww... Momo is just so adorable! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us of his first birthday ! ^__^

DarlingSummer said...

welcome dear!! i am happy to share my joy with you friends from all over the world

ekimura said...

Hi HUn!

ahh momo is sooo cute and looks super happy! that's soo sweet to celebrate your dogs bday! cake looks super yum! hehe

Aralka said...

I love your dog! Cute bday!

Emily said...

such a cute dog