Thursday, June 25, 2009

Awww...Miss my LONDON trip

(My shopping spree when i went out with my friend)
(I bought these cute stuff shopping alone)
(This is good stuff, cheap and good)
(Same design but different colour,the cap has blings on it)
(Shopping spree in H&M)
(Let me justify the problem)
(Waiting for my flight home all my myself)
(ooppss cam whoring with everything there)
(How i wish my face is as beautiful as her,sigh)
(trying to open the gate!!)
(Can someone pay for me pls?)
(Poor pony)
(i like these bears,make me look real small with them)
(So nice at night)
(Tower bridge)
(Bring it straight up,think its falling)

(I am one true nurse)
(I wanna bring this back to Singapore)

I love love love London, miss it even more when i am browsing through this London album, there are tons and tons of photos that i wanna share with your guys but can't due to the limited storage space, some of the photos are left in my parents place,gonna retreived them one day.. Rem that I've been to Natural History Museum, Oxford street, shopping in Harrods (i saw Princess Diana ring in harrods), H&M and some shops in oxford streets, cant rem them now all by myself . Take photo outside Harrods at night, London Eye, Hard Rock cafe, Tower bridge, Beckingham Palace, Camden town with hubby, and meeting up with my friend for little fun at Hamleys, Primark, Mdm Tussards, Trafagal square. Here are some photos, hope u guys enjoy! Hope i can go there and have fun again some day :)


ekimura said...

super cute photos! looks like you had lots of fun there!! ^__^

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks ekimura!! My wish is to go there someday