Thursday, June 25, 2009


See how big this mango i bought?
(Super crunchy ovaltheen sweets)
(Sugary buscuits)
(I love the melt- in -your mouth biscuits ,those round colorful biscuits)
(Yummy yummy,strawberry and chocolate flavour)
(3 different cheese snacks)

These are snacks that bring back childhood memories, i guess all of us have snacks that we used to have when we are young. These are some that i loved. Have you eaten them before? I will be surprise if its available oversea.Tell me more.. I will be interested...


Little M said...

Awwwww your pictures are making me so hungry! Hi Summer :)
Nice blog! I'm from Mauritius, and yes we have all of those snacks here.
I remember I used to be such a twisties and super ring addict when I was younger. I used to wear the super ring circles on my fingers and then eat them, such fun >_< lol, brings back memories. I know I'm gonna buy me some when I go out tomorrow now

rae630 said...

yes! i love yan yan!!! oh, and cheeseballs, but a US brand. my goodness! such a large mango! never seen one that big before!!!

Aralka said...

Nice snacks ^^

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Your snacks look so yummy! <3 I want some!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Dana,Its cheap and fav..this snacks goes into my tummy when i am studying for my exam..

Rina,this mango not consider big coz there are bigger ones here,next time i will buy and post up ok?

Little M,these are yummy right?sorry for making you crave for it..LOL

Aralka,they are yummy