Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first contest !! A summer look

(My planned outfit for summer look)
(The whole suit from head to bottom)
(What i used for today's look)
(My done up makeup)(Do i look radiant? see the bright sun?)(Yeh! do i look cheerful ?)(My finished look)
(My handmade necklace to match the outfit)
(My new sandals)

I go for a bright look without too much makeup, i use a silvery white eyeliner to dot it near the tear duct and using the pale yellow eye shadow to brighten the eye. A dash of blusher from can make...tada the look is complete

** My 2 inspirations **

These above are my inspiration for a summer look. Momo's birthday cake and a big breakfast.. Must be wonder why i use this 3 items, because Yellow represent warm, cheerful, jovial, sunny, bright, radiant, sun and summer. I guess i have achieved all the above by looking cheerful, jovial, radiant under the bright warm sun, last but not least my name SUMMER!!

Theres a Quote:
“There are many painters who can make the sun become a spot of yellow paint, but only an artist can make a spot of yellow paint become the sun.” –Hans Hoffman*

Join in the fun with me in SASSY JADORE SUMMER LOOK CONTEST, end this 30th June.. QUICK before its too late!!


May said...

Nice outfit, dear. Yellow is my favorite color for the summer.

rae630 said...

yellow looks very nice on you! awwww!!! momo's cake!!

DarlingSummer said...

thanks rina.its my first time buying yellow shirt. glad that i am suitable for yellow.

Dana Yoshimizu said...

WOW, Momo's cake is so big!! :D