Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mimi found her owner this morning

(In the car with momo going to my parent's place)
(3 of them are having fun, the shitz shu belongs to my mum, his name is toby)

(They love following each other)

Mimi first outing with us yesterday to my parent's place, she had fun with us but seems like she is tearing on and off most of the time, i guess she just miss home, her eyes are red from the crying, i feel so sad for her.. so when we came home, i talk to her before i get ready to bed, i said this to her "Mimi don't worry, we will help you find back your owner, for the time being you will stay with us, and no matter what we will love you and treat you like our baby, so don't cry ok? Be a good girl and go sleep' and i kiss her on her nose and gave her a big tight hug.

I guess her prayer has been heard, because this morning, her owner finally came (the lady who found mimi loitering at the void deck before giving it to us, brought the owner to our house, she says that these both guys has been searching for her at 2am yesterday) my hubby quickly wake me up and say " wake up dear, Mimi owner came to fetch Mimi home. I quickly rush out of bed and bid her goodbye, she seems so happy with her owner, i felt happy and at the same time sad, sad for she is leaving us but happy that her wish come true.

And of course my plan of bringing her to celebrate Momo's birthday has vanished. I even planned what to wear for her and bought double share of their snacks for the event today, too bad she can't go with us now. But i believe she will be happier getting back to her owner (at least she is not being abandon). Mimi if u can hear me now,i just wanna say " Be a good girl next time, don't ever run off again, temporary mummy here want you to be happy for the rest of your life.*muacks*..u are such a sweet heart to me these 2 days and i will always remember you for entering my life even though its for 2 short days! Lots of hugs and kisses from temporary mummy and daddy here"

Her real name: Shelby
Age :4 or 5 years old
How she got lost : The leash broke and she ran off


rae630 said...

:( i'm sad. No more MIMI!!! its okay, at least she's with her family now. she was sooo cute!

DarlingSummer said...

i miss her too...but i felt a big relieved for her at least she is at ease now with her family..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys found her owners. It must be a hig relief to know that she wasn't abandoned and she has loving owners