Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first driving 1st July

Tomorrow will be my first driving practical lesson, nervous but excited at the same time.. Its only like 8 hours away, hope i can learn as much as i can tomorrow and soon be out driving on the road instead of doing it in the circuit.. Over here, learning driving is costly, range from $70+ to 80+ depending on the peak or off peak hours, per lesson is 2 hours.
Very curious about you girls out there, do you actually have to go for practical lesson? And go through the theory papers? Leave your comments about the driving procedure in order to get your license, so that i can learn more from you too..
For those who are already driving, congrats to you!! For those who is learning, lets buck up together and for those who yet to pick up this skill join in now... Oh whoever knows drifting, teach me one day yah!! hahaha...wish me luck for tomorrow. Good night.


Tamara said...

Well.. I did my driving license back in January, so I'm a newbie driver!

We have a quite long procedure here..
First you have to take the First Aid class + test (and pass it), then you have the theoretical part of driving (you get something called blue book - now you can start your driving lessons too) so you can take more lessons, when you get the blue book you can take driving lessions, but before the last test you have to pass the main exam in theory and one in driving and then you can go to the final driving hour.

To be able to take the last driving exam you have to have at least 8+h of practice (normally it's up to 40 hours!). I had 45? 50?? I can't remember anymore, haah.

But yes, it's quite long and it usually takes like three months up to 6 months.. Because well most people can't drive every single day.. (lessons, RL is something different).

Plus everything is really pricy. Let me calculate.
If it takes you a bit longer you could spend over 1115€. Hm. One driving hour / lession is 20€+.

rae630 said...

lets see, its been a while, but from what i can remember, i first had to get a permit. i had to take a class (which didn't last but a few days, if not less), then pass the written. then i took some hands on sessions, then took the hands on test. it sounds like theres a lot more involved in getting a license in other countries.
Summer! just relax, no sudden movements. if u miss an exit or turn, just relax, keep going and turn back when its safe. Be safe!!!

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks so much dears for the comment,i really learn something from u guys,seems like more or less the procedures are the same,i am learning in the circuit now hopefully will proceed to the road soon,the instructor thought i ever learn driving before since i am quite bold.the only mistake i've made is to keep stalling the engine,hahaha...will share with you guys my driving experience.maucks