Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I want NARS & UD

Seems like everyone loves Nars and Urban decay... I wish to own them too :( Too bad we don't have it over here and i am running very low on cash. Really wish to have these babies... booo...

I really really want to have :
--> Urban decay Ammo Plus Primer Set
--> NARS Blusher in orgasm
--> Sephora Color Play Palette
--> Laura Mercier Mini Loose Translucent Powder

These are my wish items..

1) Nars blush in
---> Orgasm
---> Mata Hari

2) Nars lip gloss in
---> Frisky Summer
---> Chihuahua

3) Nars lipstick
---> Dolce Vita
---> Niagara

4) Nars blush and bronzing duo
---> Orgasm / Laguna?

---> Maui / Palm Beach?
---> Orgasm / South Beach?

5) Nars eyeshadow Duo in
---> Persepolis
---> South Pacific, Elsa

Or should i just get the "NARS bridal palette" and "eye palette 9947"??

Foreshadow Palette (too pretty to ignore)
2) XL Primer Potion

Any good and bad points for any of the products I've mention above? Or do you have recommendation for me? I am consider to have fair skin tone, so leave a comment..would really appreciate millions!!


rae630 said...

You can't go wrong with Nars Orgasm blush. UDPP is great, but my only bad experience with it is that it tends to dry up. When I'm in a rush, if I don't screw the wand tightly, i noticed that i'm not getting as much product. I also hate how the bottle is shaped, you can't get all of the product unless you cut thru it and scoop out the rest. And if you don't store it properly, after scooping it out, it dries up. I'm going to try too faced shadow insurance.

DarlingSummer said...

Thanks dear Rina,i know i can always depend on you for your recommendation and feedback..let me know how the too faced shadow insurance goes ok?