Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 in taipei (Hello Kitty Cafe)

Sofa at the entrance for waiting guests
Made from all cream puffs

The display shelf
The look of the cakes make my heart melt
Who bear to eat all these cakes?
Level 2 of the cafe
My strawberry drinks
Brother's banana blended drinks
Me and coaster

Mum's dessert -green tea

Dad's latte

Awefully sinful
So cute that i cant bear to eat it
My favorite out of all dessert

Here comes our desserts
Tissue Paper holder
Sofa in toilet
Taken in the sofa in the toilet

Taken in toilet (sorry for the cam whore)hahaha...
Family event in the biggest booth
A small Christmas tree
See the crowd
Table for 6
Ready to be served
Preparation of all dishes on the spot
Even the menu looks cute
Complimentary jelly
Love that big ribbon
See how adorable the store is
Evening look of the cafe

For all the Hello Kitty fans. I know u are screaming with joy while looking at all the photos, just like when i first saw the cafe... Everything inside makes me wanna scream "cute!!!!!". The service of all the waitress are superb, considering it to be the number one. They took the effort and time to explain to you about the cakes that u are ordering. I love everything in that cafe that i don't wish to leave. Hahahaa...the decorations in it can make u wanna stay there longer. Most of the customers are females (obvious reason that almost every girl love kitty) Lots of people are camwhoring with their decorations, toilets, walls, drinks, food just like me.. Hahahahaa... it bores my bro and my dad a bit but they are nice enough to search for this cafe for me. For those that might be going, get ready your camera. Hahahaaa.. and each person has to order a set of dessert (cakes and a drink). U are not allow to sit in not ordering anything. Hope u guys enjoy my post :)

* Photos taken from iphone therefore photos are not as clear as those using camera


Noelle V. Dotillos said...

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Everything looks soooooo pretty! I'm dying now! Hahaha!! :) *screams some more*

suki pooki said...

omigosh this place looks amazing! I've heard loads of it but this is the first time where I've actually seen the food they serve! Great pictures, you're so luck to get to visit this adorable cafe! Im so tempted to go Taiwan but mummy says that it's too dangerous with all the government issues happening......sigh moms!

Elle said...

Nice blog! The first thing I saw was hello kitty everywhere!!! The desserts are so cute, can't manage to eat them if they were in my face lol The restaurant must have been a Hello Kitty dreamlanddd... =D

Anonymous said...

YUM i want to eat me some HK now! lol

lisa said...

hi! love your blog.. i'm from taiwan.. but i've never been to this hello kitty cafe.. it is soo kawaii.. i will def have to go next time i visit.

new follower here.. please come and visit and follow me sometime :)

Summer Darling said...

Hi Beautiful girls, thanks for dropping by to say hi and eave some comments. Appreciate a lot darlings!

@ Noelle- i am screaming when i am standing in front of that store..hahaha

@ Suki- u should go there, good shopping, good food, good sightseeing and not forgetting good weather too..its not dangerous at all!!!! trust me. i've been there like 2 times but my family go there every year

@ Elle- its indeed adorable there..everything is so cute, so pretty and so tasty

@ Sylvia- go for it darling!

@ Lisa- u should go visit it some time.u girls are so lucky to have it in taiwan..heard that there is a Hello Kitty hospital too..

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

inddeeeeddd omg looks too good to eat.. i wud be a like a kid in a candy store... I WANT THAT THAT THAT ! XD lols SHan x