Thursday, December 30, 2010

2nd day in taiwan (yang min shan)

Hi guys,

Thanks for welcoming me back in blogging world, felt so happy that u guys haven't forgotten me. My family and i went for a 9 days holiday leaving my hubby at home taking care of my 3 guinea pigs and momo (my dog) and toby (my mum's dog). It has been a long time since i went holiday with my family and i really appreciated the time i spend with them.

Let the photos do the talking yah :) oopsss just a hint about the next post i will be putting up...For those who love Hello Kitty its a must to stay tuned to my upcoming post k..u will not regret... :) All cheers to you guys!!! May your upcoming year 2011 will be filled with more love,joy,health and happiness!!!

Love & Hugs,


missmercurylady said...

mint carmax!! That bubble tea thing looks so yummy right now!

rae630 said...

Looks like you had so much fun!!! miss you! <3 Rina