Friday, February 11, 2011

Who doesn't Love "LOVE PACKAGE SURPRISE??"

Love package from RINA (CA)

We don't even have this in Singapore
Nars Products!!

Love package from Jennifer (Hawaii)

Beautiful Hawaii celender
Filled with goodies.Omg!!
7 Tops..Hooray!!
Necklace, Hairband,earrings
Urban decay eye shadows
Eye shadow palatte
Sweet isn't it?
Delicious chocolates and a pack of honey roasted macademia nuts
Handmade cards...awww...
See the inside, heart melting!!
Recycle bag with 2 cute owls print

Hi dears,

How are u guys lately? Over here we just finished celebrating our new year, went visiting to relatives house and such.. but would love to share with u guys the recently " love packages" that i've got from both lovely ladies(Jennifer and Rina)...Both of them just like to pamper me and i felt so much love and they send me these as my christmas and birthday gift..sweet aren't they???. Its a fate that i can get to know them here in the blogging world and to think of it, it has been 2 to 3 years now and we are still keeping in touch even thou we are staying at the different part of the world.I am very lucky to have these 2 friends..Hug and maucks!!



Jennifer said...

Great packages :D! doesn't singapore have NARS?!

Summer Darling said...

Nope...Singapore doesn't have nars or jill stuart here.nearest will be Hong Kong