Saturday, March 27, 2010

My newly adopted pets

Both are males
A female

Hi guys... just wanna share a little joy with you regarding my newly adopted pets.. i saw them on a animal adopting blog and i fall for them immediately. so i went to get them today. Sorry for the short post :) i haven't name them yet but i will do so every soon. This female guinea pig lick me like a dog,so adorable,i never knew that guinea pig knows how to lick human..hahaha...the one in grey is a whinner, he make so much noise and first time in my life i hear a guinea pig whine...if u have any tips to share with me regarding them,plese please do let me know. i really appreciate it so much..

Oh stay tune for my new post real soon...coz i am in a blogging mood today..horray!!


Ken said...

we used to have guinea pigs during jr high. they kept chewing on the cage trying to escape =P

Vanilla said...

too cute summer!!!
name them something cute!
i had guinea pig once!
but too lazy to take care of them!
bwt can we meet this week?
im sorry my skin has been peeling and im too embarassed to see ur girls!
i just go out with my bro n dad which i dont mind showing my ugly skin!haha

Kasia_B said...

Aw they are so cute! :)

Kalmo said...

Aw how great, congratulations on becoming a g. pig owner! I used to have one, they're great. :) Be sure to update us on their names!

rae630 said...

awww, they're so cute!!! How big are they? <3 Rina

Carina Joana said...

their so cute!

seaprincess1 said...

They are so cute!! We have 2 of our own.. just one important thing you need to know you said one is a male and the other is a female!! are they Fixed?? If they are not.. you really need to keep them separate or you will end up with a house full of babies. It is best to keep 2 guineas of the same sex together unless they are spayed/neutered. You will love them ours make sounds like doves, birds and they purr and do bubble sounds.. and they LOVE to Eat..

Summer Darling said...

hi ken--i agree with u..they are trying to escape whenever they can..coz they like to bite chew the cage

Hi vanilla- i call the female gaga,the grey one "ah pui"=fatty (coz he eat non stop) and the other broen one i cant think of a name yet,will announce if i think of one.

Hi carina- they really are !!

Hi seaprincess1- i totally agree with you regarding the sound they made..i do separate the female away from the 2 males :) i love love them..the female knows how to lick me adorable

kikaYHEN said...

i also have two guinea pigs. I'd breed them next month. Your GPs look cute.. :D Goodluck with them


Mary said...

omg!!! cute pets!!!! nice colors too =). i never knew guinew pigs could be soo cute hehehe and can have it as a pet.

L4pinkpetal said...

so cute