Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Home-made Egg Benedict

All the ingredients u need
Delicious home made breakfast
Does it look delicious?

Good morning (ohaiyo!!) guys, its a beautiful Saturday morning now and i decided to cook this for my hubby as a surprise. Guess too much of the cafe world in Facebook make me wanted to make my own Egg Benedict so much.over all its so simple. The only difficult part is cooking the pouched egg. Here are is how i make my pouched eggs. I learn it in Youtube and its quite simple afterall. I fi can do it u can too :) Create your own side dish of your choice, for me i prefer salad and Portobello mushroom with mozzarella cheese.

Things u need for toast:

Muffin (cut into half)
4 Eggs
Honey bake ham (whatever ham u like)
Slice cheese
Hollandaise Sauce (i buy prepack type)

Steps of doing pouched eggs:

Add vinegar inside the simmering water with a pinch of salt
pour the egg in slowly
vinegar will make the egg white curl together
scope them out and drain out

Steps of making portobello mushroom:

I cook them in butter till soft
add mozzarella cheese on top till melt

scope them out and place on plate


Vanilla said...

i just bookmark this page!haha
wanna try to mak this!lol

Kalmo said...

The food looks so yummy! Thanks for the instructions. :)

Summer Darling said...

welcome guys!! enjoy !!