Saturday, March 27, 2010

Salt Caramel Roll

See how cute their plastic bag is
The other side
The brand of the shop
See how cute the box are
woo la la

Bought this at ION Orchard last week and ohhh i cant resist anything that is written butterscotch or caramel, therefore i want this!! Look at the vanilla roll coated with thick thick layer of caramel, tell me which sweet tooth can resist this???!!! To my disappointment this cake is sold out almost everyday in less than an hour when the shop opens and i have to make reservation in order to get mine. It cost me $18. what so great about this is : this cake is being flown in from Japan, so now u get it why a piece of cake cost such a high price. They are fluffy, light and not so sweet coz the caramel taste a bit bitter and salty. But if u ask me will i buy it a again i will say a "NO" (but i am glad i have it once in a lifetime), the reason? Stated below:

Y did i buy them in the first place? :
  • I was being attract by the appearance
  • Coz its written "sold out" every time i walk pass them
  • Every review online seems to have positive feedback
  • Famous in Japan
  • Curious about the taste
  • Curious what makes them sold out everyday and having such long Q in Japan
Y i dislike it :
  • Its expensive
  • Its so small
  • Its not really "delicious" as much as it look
  • It comes with bitter taste
  • I cant accept salty taste in my cake
  • Nothing fantastic to make me want to buy it again
What i like about it :
  • It fluffy
  • Not very sweet (no guilty feeling after eating it) lol
  • Comes in 3 flavors (vanilla, salt caramel, green tea)


Kalmo said...

Aw too bad it's not as delicious as it look and it's bitter! It looks so yummy though. :( hehe It's cool that it's flown in from Japan though!

Kasia_B said...

Ohh it looks so yummy though! I still would like to try it :)

rae630 said...

It looks so nice. Too bad it wasn't as good as u hoped for. <3 Rina

Vanilla said...

LOL i bought this too coz it says caramel!it tastes so nasty,i had one small cut and i throw it away!loll

Summer Darling said...

yep..i am happy to try it and happy not to buy them ever again :)

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

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i just stumbled your blog~~

OMG it looks amazing &
you are soooo pretty~!

i've followed you already
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anyway, just want to wish you~~
happy good friday & advance easter day to you~~!

M. said...

that bag is soooo cute :D
x M

Vivian said...

ooeeh it looks so delicious!
and the package is so cute haha=]

Rock Georgia Roll said...

hey cute blog
gonna follow
check out mine, its realy new so i need all the help i can get ! any tips xx


Pearly_yuumi said...

it looks really yummy thou! what a pity! ^^

Liang said...

I had the green tea one last time I was in SG and thought it was realllllly good haha. Did not get to try any other flavors though. Are you a fan of the crepes they sell near this shop?