Friday, October 16, 2009

Review of the Kenassy Hair removal puff

My new purchaseOrange side is use for sleek skin finish
Pink side for hair removal side
Instruction side

My reviews on Pros and cons:
  • Its easy to use (can watch tv while u do it)
  • Its painless
  • Its cheap (SGD$8.90)
  • Its cute (looks like egg)
  • It can be reuse after cleaning
  • The legs feel very smooth after hair removal
  • Its take a bit longer to removal all the hair, sometimes rotating does not remove most of it
  • 2 days after and u can see the hair tip growing on the leg
  • If the sponge is left wet,it may result the sheet to peel or germ to grow on sponge
Over all its worth trying this cute products, i've always use strip wax on my leg, hell it is painful but it remove every single stand of the hair on my shins. But both my shins turn really red after every pulling off the wax.The con part is that my hair on my leg grow out to be fine and very long and its really messy to use wax,sticky on both hands and legs and i have to reove the residue using baby oil. This kenassy really make hair removal easy,but it really takes time to remove all.

When to use it:
  • Use on dry skin
  • Do not use during or right after bathing
  • Do not wet sponge during use
How to use it:
  • Lightly press (not too hard on skin) sponge against skin
  • Quickly rotate the sponge in circular motions (alternate between left and right rotation)
  • Apply cream or milky lotion afterwards
  • Pressing down on skin too hard or rubbing too slow will lessen hair removal
  • Do not use for areas other than arms and legs
  • Do not use on sensitive skin
  • Results may depend on individual
  • Hair removal may be reduced depending on hair texture,thickness,skin type and method of rubbing
  • Discontinue use if abnormalities occurs
Ways of maintaining your sponge:
  • Wash surface with neutral detergent and use a toothbrush for easier cleaning.


Aralka said...

wow, it looks very cute and funny ^-^

Angela said...

omg i also bought this...LOL
i love the result it gives but it just takes too much work cuz i have to rub it so many times.

Summer Darling said...

Hi angela its true,it takes some time to remove every strand :) but good when we are watching tv and removing hair at the same time

Hi aralka- cute right..haha

Anonymous said...

hi..where did u buy it from?