Friday, October 16, 2009

How do u find my skin and eye lashes ?

My barely there lashes
What i use for my lashes
My secret to long lashes
See the white fiberOne coat of mascaraApply a coat of fiber onto the coated lashesSee my fiber coated lashesApply another coat of mascara
(sorry my lashes are messy coz i didnt do a proper job.haha)
My naked face
Estee Lauder give me pinky cheek
The pink color on my cheek is natural not blusher

So how do you find my skin and lashes? I know some of you will ask me whats the white fiber thing, the truth is i don't know it too and i cant remember the price of it, i bought this for like many many years back (4 to 5 years ago). I am not sure if anyone out there is still selling this product. I remember they come in white fiber and black. fiber. I didnt know its so useful, hahaha.. i should have bought many many to store at home.


With Love, Elle said...

oh yes my hg mascara is also a fiber mascara! but i have the black fiber, coz sometimes if i dont do a good job, the white remains white! >.<

xoxo elle

evie said...

i like your skin!! clear!and tofu~.unlike mine hai...have to battle with oily and acne prone skin...>.<

Summer Darling said...

Hi evie- Thanks for your compliment :) Find the best skin care products that suits your skin and u will have a clear skin too :) i think mine is from my dad genes coz he got clear skin too :)

Hi elle- i've try the fiber mascara but it doesnt do wonder like this "lash extension fiber".normally i chose mascara that have volume so that it will brighten my eye area.if not i look "sleepy"

twinsouls888 said...

wow that really makes a pretty good difference. I like it ^_^. And your skin is flawless ^_^